Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Everything's Better When It's Vintage!

facebook instagram photography technology - 6378371328
By TuckerBentley


hilarious lies photography wtf - 6296279552
By kkehoe5


Hall of Fame hilarious photography posture - 5426522880
By meganeguard


filter instagram performance photography tupac - 6124311296
Via Derek Bryant

And They Said it Was All Instinctual!

camera double meaning Hall of Fame literalism photography turtle - 6103644160
Via Amburgered

Photographer: What You Think I Do / What I Really Do

computers How People View Me parents photography Sad - 5830590464
By Photographer (Via

Smile and Say, "Pikachu"

photography Pie Chart pikachu - 5713851136
By Alatreon69


fall hilarious photography Sexy Ladies wtf - 5678215936
By Unknown

Just Another Day at the Cylindrical Beach

beach ocean photography wtf - 5534431744
By Maxpowaa

Say Cheese

panda photography wtf - 5472040448
By butterflyperception

Atomic Tree

photography tree wtf - 5446660864
By atriach


damn photography Pure Awesome wolf - 5310891520
By tmdarby

His Rates Are Just to Die for

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation photography shoot shooting - 5301498368
By Ultra_Meh

I Don't Really Know How You'd Dew it Wrong...

do doing it right photography rain - 5138023168
By The_Linker

Museum Security is SUCH a Buzzkill

double meaning flash literalism misinterpretation photography sign - 4956316160
By xyzpdq1

Change the Background

art camera gifs photography science technology - 4977310208
Via Youtube