Snap a photo, make that online photography class worth something. These punny snaps will have you putting a filter on your latest masterpiece in no time.

Climbing Mt. Dude

Via xSonfire

Drive-Thru Bone Pickup

Via BalconesWinston

Everybody Else Needs to Step Up Their Selfie Game

photography ocean selfie - 8428335104
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Vacation is All in the Mind

photography clever vacation g rated win - 8412106240
Via Acid Cow

Don't Tell Me What to Do!

pranks fails photography - 8348367104
By anselmbe
art awesome photos list photography - 317189

Photographer Sandro Miller Recreates Iconic Portraits With John Malkovich as the Subject

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What Are You Trying to Do?

dogs wtf photography bad idea - 8266231040
By Unknown

Why Waste Time With Hashtags?

photography facepalm hashtag - 8209370368
By vanitynoblet

Now That's a Good School Photo

fish funny photography school - 8096331520
By Unknown

Bill Nye the Fly Guy

bill nye photography Jay Z - 8087094272
By Unknown

See Also: "Look How Fast You Run in Those Shoes!"

camera burn photography failbook g rated - 8031485952
By Unknown

Nobody Needs a Reason, Do They?

photography ladybits bewbs - 8026246912
By Unknown

Mom, What's a "Synonym"?

photography kids puns parenting - 7993641984
Via rogues69

Don't Worry, It'll Be Over in a Flash

business card photography clever puns - 7885947648
By Unknown

Do You Think You're a Photographer?

photography instagram man of steel - 7869484032

... Photographers, Amirite?

photography kids hang wife shoot literalism family double meaning - 6763638528
By Unknown