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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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If It Ain't Me

Funny meme about how people say they'll always be available but then they put their phone on silent
Via u/SwimmingSilver0

Lies I Tell Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Shh baby...I'm not gonna treat you like the others" above a photo of three phones with cracked screens next to a new phone without a cracked screen
Via MohAki1


Funny meme that reads, "When you show somebody a picture on your phone and they start scrolling" above a photo of a guy angrily holding a stop sign
Via LeoSenior

Quit Calling Me

Funny meme with Kardashian about responding to someone's call via text
Via r.e.l.a.t.a.b.l.e.s.h.i.t

Sick Burn By Mom!

Funny meme about butt-dialing one's mother
Via EwItsEpic

Only '90s Kids Will Get This

Caption that reads, "To build character, I make my kids stare at this for five minutes before they can use the WiFi" above a pic of AOL dial-up
Via lindisty0110

It's Always Painful

Caption that reads, "When you're texting with somebody and they decide to call you" above a pic of Hide-the-Pain Harold awkwardly talking on the phone
Via zoemspaint


Funny meme about scam likely phone call.
Via @cabbagecatmemes

Well Then

Caption that reads, "Horrifying finger attachment lets your phone touch you back" above a pic of someone holding a smartphone with a creepy finger-attachment on it
Via goofygoofygoofygooberrock

Can't Wait For This To Happen In Spring

starter pack meme about coming out of a deep depression.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Gnight y'all!

Funny meme about Patrick Star and sleep
Via dankmemesgang


Funny meme about crack in phone, butt crack.
Via distinguishedbaloney


Funny meme aboutozzy osbourneand texting.
Via bestmemesperiod

Ohhh Damn

Funny meme about samsung galaxy puns.
Via bestmemesperiod


funny prank to phone repair, sent him photo of butt crack.
Via distinguishedbaloney