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'Leave your phone here and go be present': Ad for Fancy Phone Prison Gets Mocked by Twitter

Innovation of the century
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Nostalgic Thread Looks Back on Wacky Vintage Mobile Phone Designs

Ring ring
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18 Relatable Call Center Memes For All the Brave Soldiers Putting People on Hold

It's tough out there
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Kids Encounter Landline Phone for First Time, Make Everyone Else Feel Old

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People Debate If We Should Be Getting Stressed Over Phone Calls

Ring ring
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Suspicious Girlfriend Stuns Gymgoers With Audacious Snooping

He’s in trouble, alright
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Bamboozling Thread Wonders Why We Do Or Don’t See Our Phones In Dreams

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Girlboss Boasts About Rearranging Her Phone Apps, No-one Is Impressed

If this is the path to enlightenment, I’m not taking it.
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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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If It Ain't Me

Funny meme about how people say they'll always be available but then they put their phone on silent
Via u/SwimmingSilver0

Lies I Tell Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Shh baby...I'm not gonna treat you like the others" above a photo of three phones with cracked screens next to a new phone without a cracked screen
Via MohAki1


Funny meme that reads, "When you show somebody a picture on your phone and they start scrolling" above a photo of a guy angrily holding a stop sign
Via LeoSenior

Quit Calling Me

Funny meme with Kardashian about responding to someone's call via text
Via r.e.l.a.t.a.b.l.e.s.h.i.t

Sick Burn By Mom!

Funny meme about butt-dialing one's mother
Via EwItsEpic

Only '90s Kids Will Get This

Caption that reads, "To build character, I make my kids stare at this for five minutes before they can use the WiFi" above a pic of AOL dial-up
Via lindisty0110

It's Always Painful

Caption that reads, "When you're texting with somebody and they decide to call you" above a pic of Hide-the-Pain Harold awkwardly talking on the phone
Via zoemspaint