Philosoraptor's Dilemma

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Via Bing

What if We All Just Suck?

philosoraptor - 8174914304

Haha! Logic!

procrastination philosoraptor - 8139580160

Are You Trying to Ruse Us, McDonald's?

philosoraptor McDonald's - 8131905792

Well That's Depressing...

dogs philosoraptor pets - 8123202048

Too Many Memes...

philosoraptor dinosaurs Memes - 8050915840
Created by Unknown

A Little Too Creepy to Think About

arguments philosoraptor - 8053987584
Created by Unknown

Will Someone Shed Some Light?

synonyms advice animals Memes philosoraptor - 7859809792
Created by Unknown

A Master of Baiting Word Play

puns philosoraptor country pun count Sesame Street - 7857960192
Created by Unknown

How Many Countries?

puns philosoraptor - 7857985280
Via Nik Nak 79

The Truth About Well Known Assassins

assassins Memes philosoraptor - 7830172160
Created by Unknown

Is There Any Alternative?

fanboys philosoraptor xbone - 7729435392
See all captions Created by Wack0Distractor

Anyone Care to Answer?

guys Memes girls philosoraptor - 7678115072
Created by freshbru

I Thought Rappers Were Trying to Encourage Us?

Music rappers philosoraptor - 7688909824
Created by Unknown

Can You Think of a Better Name for Apartments?

apartments Memes philosoraptor - 7675636736
Created by Unknown

People Don't Even Appreciate Fruit Anymore

adam and eve Memes philosoraptor - 7623046400
Created by Unknown