When Memes are Misused IRL

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Created by yoursuchanoob

What if He's a Psychic Midget?

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Your Attempt at Student Connection Is Bad

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Created by Sofia

Only if You're Ignorant

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See all captions Created by colenator2

All Women are Too Picky

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Created by Unknown

Don't Say it Too Loud or Marvel Will Steel It

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Via Reddit

You'll Have to Simulate This Class Again Next Year

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Created by crimsonnlove1

The Unlucky Truth

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Created by fermckinley

You Won't Like Me When I'm Fancy

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I Don't Have Time for This

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Death philosoraptor sex zombie - 6181715200
Created by dudeyinyin

I Liked It Better When It Was Still a Sapling

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See all captions Created by Unknown

No, Monopoly Games Are Far More Likely to End in Violence

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Created by Butters164102

Dare I Turn Myself Around

hokey pokey Morpheus philosoraptor what if i told you - 6120265728
Created by CrazyRussian

Yr Childhood Songs Have Been Halved

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Created by Unknown