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20+ Tryhard Posts That Desperately Want To Be Deep

Thanks to the internet, it's never been harder to be a teenager — and boy, are they going to let us know about it. Whether it's the exposure to one too many TikTok dances or a resentment towards being left on read, there's something about the internet that seems to churn out wannabe youthful culture critics. As if that wasn't enough, they're usually about as intellectual as the jokes you read on popsicle sticks, if popsicles were preoccupied with that one Nietzsche quote they read once. On the …
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20+ Thought-Provoking Shower Thoughts For The Imaginatively Inclined

Big brains all round
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Absurd Mashup of Infamous Philosophical Problems Sparks Amusing Thread

There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person on the side track. You have two options: 1. Do nothing, in which case the trolley will kill the five people on the main track. 2. P
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20+ Memes Full of Historical Humor and Educational Jokes

Laugh and learn at the same time
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Funny memes about philosophy | 3 am and contemplate absurd cycle humanity is stuck but realize can entertain this absurdity sake personal meaning and happiness @memeuzby Absurdism Intensifies man with glowing eyes | conflict between human tendency seek inherent value and meaning life and human inability find any The Simpsons aunt with a mouth full of cigarettes

Philosophy Memes for Deep Thinkers

Memes for people who like to feel hopeless about life.
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4 Lazy Ways Action Movies Trick You Into Thinking They’re Deep

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The Bleak & Dystopian World of 'Capitalist Realism' Memes

Is there no alternative?
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Woman Finally Answers The Question Of How A Horse Would Wear Pants

Now we know.
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24 Deep Thoughts That Hit At The Most Mundane Times

Shower thoughts that made us go 'huh'
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Philosophical Memes For The Deep Thinkers

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funny scholar academic memes | pointing out invasive species and explaining ecological damage they cause My friends on hike with | coffee suicide Camus Morning daily struggle

30 Scholarly Memes For Playful Academics

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Funny memes about nihilism, existential crises | often do have existential crisis OFC 's everyday bro | "Hi there, are any way well-adjusted person who naively believes love and isn't constant struggle with absurdity this wretched world Um yes?" shaking hands then washing them

Sixteen Existential Crisis-Ridden Memes For The Nihilists Among Us

Life sucks and then we die!
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Funny memes, academic memes, theory memes | clueless Kant lived life celibacy and died before cars were invented e virgin who can't drive. | class Can stay discussion with second Let's go deeper on this Building on this point Let know if getting if other way around reminds want X's point unpack bullets

Academic Memes Full Of Scholarly Humor

For the smarties.
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Great Book

Funny photoshopped book cover, alexander and the no good very bad day | Alexander and the Day That Blended Into Every Other Day Like Some Kafkaesque Nightmare with No Merciful End in Sight
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Funny meme that reads, "Thing: *exists;* philosophers: ..." above a GIF of Bob the tomato from Veggie Tales thinking hard about something
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funny nerdy memes and tweets | tweet by annaeveryday flight attendant: is there doctor on board? dad nudge* could've been philosopher sigh* flight attendant are going crash and can either hit field and kill 1 farmer or runway and kill 5 dad philosopher S HAPPENING OH MY GOD 'S REALLY HAPPENING. christmas tree decorated with paper notes  ERROR 404: DECORATIO NOT FOUND This Bauble can't be reached Christmas decerations could net be found Thy nunning Santa dn protocel dingnostics This Bauble cant

Vaguely Nerdy Memes & Posts For People With Big Brains

Time to nerd out.
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