About Last Night

Funny meme about a penguin who, against all odds, makes it home - comparing it to coming home after a night of drinking.
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Don't Stop Believing

Funny meme, image of a man in a penguin costume riding a train, song lyrics from Journey's song "Don't Stop Believing" - he took the midnight train going anywhere.
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It's Real

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You Better Behave or King Penguin Is Coming

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Arctic Flight

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But That's So Sad

web comics penguins cute But That's So Sad
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Have You Accepted a Better Computing Experience?

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I Thought Penguins Were Supposed to Be Gentlemanly?

web comics mean penguins I Thought Penguins Were Supposed to Be Gentlemanly?
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Curious Penguins Pursue Strange Object

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Penguins Have Interesting Mating Rituals

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Kneel Before the Alpha

funny memes penguin god

Little Penguin Getting Fed

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Penguins Leaving Chemtrails

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New Born Penguin Gets Weighed

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This Penguin's Tirade Against Evolution Will Really Make You Think

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Using a Small Army of Robot Penguins as a Mirror

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