A compilation of random memes.

An Inventory of Approachable Memes

Not all websites are straightforward beacons of great content. With many forms of social media, whether Twitter , Tumblr, or Reddit , it sometimes feels like it takes years of feed curation to get to the good stuff. Who and what are you supposed to follow to find the good content on those platforms? I've found that following people with similar tastes but some notable quirks or personality traits you don't necessarily relate to is ideal. When I was on Tumblr as a kid, I followed a bunch of peop…
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A list of funny animal memes and posts

A Merry Medley of Animal Memes

Old McDonald had a farm, EIEIO. And on that farm, he had some memes EIEIO. Well, we've got plenty more memes where that came from. Old McDonald may have had an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there, but he did not have an extensive list of side-splitting animal memes. Sure, Old McDonald might've posted some memes (that he printed out) onto the side of the barn, but the only ones who saw them were the cows, the chickens, and the common house cat. Here, we've got memes for all animal fans. Are yo…
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50+ Memes Filled With Funny Randomness

Have at 'em
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This Is Discrimination

Birds You are on this council but we do flying not grant you Penguins This is outrageous it's unfair Star Wars Anakin Jedi council
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Funny memes about birds | someone asks s wrong but nothing's wrong s just face looks angry looking bird with dark eyebrows | And winner this year's award worst nest ever goes pigeon next to a pile of twigs and a single egg

Eighteen Bird Memes That Are Great From Start To Finch

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funny meme about how penguins are called business geese in chinese. | no no he's got a point kronk meme the emperor's new groove
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Yeah I Didn't Catch A Word Of That

Funny meme from Madagascar about zoning out when someone else is talking
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Give Us A Break

Funny meme about English class and analysis.
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30 Totally Pointless Memes That Made Us LOL

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funny dank memes normies don't get

15 Dank Memes That'll Get Normies Real Confused

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Don't Underestimate My Muscles!!

Pic of a cute baby penguin appearing to flex its muscles under the caption, "When you open the spaghetti sauce jar on your first try"
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funny penguin stories

Penguins Getting Shamed For Their Bad Behavior Is Adorably Hilarious

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Funny nihilist memes, nihilisa frank, animals, dolphins, dogs, doggos, lisa frank, nostalgia.

17 Nihilisa Frank Memes That'll Fill Your Heart With Nothing

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Seems A Little Harsh

Funny meme about jackas penguin and how it got named.
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How Dare They

Funny meme about the future that liberals want - gay penguins steal eggs from straight penguins.
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