Watch the pencil... Poof! It's gone. Luckily you can just erase anything you don't like and mark the jokes you do. That's the beauty of a pencil.

Boring Class Is Boring

boring class drawing farnsworth i dont want to live on this planet anymore IRL pencil - 5230670592
By jprebz

You Cannot Write Like This, I've Tried

Movie pencil wtf - 5226203904
By -Rukia_Kuchiki-

You Win 100 Internets If You Get This

pencil the internets - 4994045440
By Unknown

Now You're Cheating with Portals

ads maze Memes pencil - 4889674752

Easy, Tarzan

pencil Rage Comics toes - 4794936576
By Unknown

I Say!

gentleman mustache pencil Rage Comics school - 4773974272
By Unknown

Art Student Owl: Like Drawing a Bike

art Art Student Owl bike digital drawing forget pencil - 4752117248
See all captions By DaRkenAbsol

I'm Like a Really Fancy Pirate

eye monocle pencil Rage Comics stab - 4767673344
By STH4ever


class pencil Rage Comics - 4721834752
By Danieke

I Meant 3x + Squiggle = Y

error math mistakes pen pencil Pie Chart - 4653319424
By keirameyer

Dry Erase Marker, Lipstick, Sharpie, Bodily Fluids

drawing Line Graph pen pencil writing - 4704532224
By beansprout101


candy halloween pencil Rage Comics trick or treat - 4690361600
By Unknown

Rasta Prof: If You Say So

blunt pencil Rasta Prof sharp - 4693198592
See all captions By Asrodrig

He Really Missed the Point

ignorance jokes pencil pointless Rage Comics story - 4682769664
By Unknown


juxtaposition pencil photoshop similar sounding - 4595750144
By Unknown
awesome doctor german pencil Video wtf - 16072449

The Doctor and The Pencil

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