Watch the pencil... Poof! It's gone. Luckily you can just erase anything you don't like and mark the jokes you do. That's the beauty of a pencil.

Pencil Use: a Chart

Bar Graph height pencil writing - 6165133056
By Unknown

Pencil Art

art carving pencil wtf - 6061977088
By butterflyperception

Me Stachesta

class me gusta mustache nose pencil - 6070343424
By Unknown

I Always Keep the Important Stuff

fu guy lost mother of god pencil Rage Comics - 5844469504
By Unknown

I Also Need a Sharpener

cuteness overload homework pencil Rage Comics truancy story - 5813341440
By jackasdf5

Rage Comics: Don't Worry. That Happens to Everyone Sometimes

fu guy me gusta pencil Rage Comics - 5734296064
By Unknown

That it Is...

broken cliché double meaning literalism pencil point pointless - 5666601728
By ElizaBell3

Who Raised You?

pencil poker face Rage Comics raisin rage truancy story - 5675983616
By thatkid4815

Is That a Threat or Something?

lead pencil poison Terrible Teacher - 5183910656
By squibman

*Don't Put Clever Title Here*

Area Badass pencil test write - 5532141824
By xJordanfrazerx

Lame Drawn Coon: One by Hand Is Worth Two in the Ink

DIY double meaning drawn Lame Pun Coon meme pencil - 5495943680
By doctorwhofan63

Grand Theft Pencil

pencil Rage Comics watch out - 5464618752
By Unknown


hilarious military pencil wtf - 5410728704
By noisynorseman

I Told You, Never Again

annoying i lied pencil Rage Comics - 5387071488
By Unknown

This Is the Last Time

annoying pencil Rage Comics - 5386782976
By Unknown


idiots pencil wtf - 5274525184
By Unknown