A-pear-antly there's been some talk that mango's are all the new rage. Well we are here to put a stop to all that nonsense. Pear's are king and they'll stay that way, or else. And don't even think about talking about a tomato. 

Take That

Stock photo of a guy wearing a magician's outfit saying, "And for my next trick I will dissapear" next to panel of that has a pic of a pear and him saying, "f*ck you pear you taste like sh*t"
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All Together Now!

Funny meme about bon jovi, livin on a prayer
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Funny meme about a pear pun.
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portmanteau similar sounding pear mood - 7135496192
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Gee, Thanks

shoes puns pear funny - 7445956608


pear comic - 7155801600
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ALL of the Paradoxes!

paradox doc pair doctor pear homophones docks - 6880964352
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SMP CLASSIC: But Only After He Soiled Himself

classic double meaning fear grow homophone literalism pair pear - 6622232320
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How... Thoughtful?

double meaning homophone literalism pair pear - 6621608960
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Dat Pear

butts dat a pear - 6559632128
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Never Give Into It!

literalism pear peer peer pressure pressure typo - 6500449792
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You're Such a Wilting Flower!

afraid double meaning fear grow Hall of Fame homophone idiom literalism pear - 6264356096
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These Puns Are Just Unpearable!

Hall of Fame literalism pear replacement similar sounding syllable unbearable - 6008681472
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homophone homophones lolwut oneupsmanship pair pear pears punception - 5423356928
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So Your Baby's Well-Behaved I Take It?

homophone literalism pair pear pears - 5167138304
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bird homophone literalism parakeet pear photoshop prefix similar sounding - 4604472320
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