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Funny parenting memes.

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14 Hilarious Fatherly Nuggets From 'The Nerd Dad'

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23 Relatable Parenting Memes For Those Exhausted By Their Offspring

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28 Hilarious Parenting Tweets That Are Just Too Real

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That's A Serious Offense

Tweet that reads, "Y'all pray for my son, nothing wrong with him but I ate his Pop Tart before his class picture and he said he never smiling again" above school photos of a small child looking angry
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We Had Nothing Else To Do

Text that reads, "Dad, why is my sister's name June? Because your mom and I conceived her in June; Thanks Dad; No problem, YouTube outage of 2018" above a stock photo of a kid and his dad driving in the car
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The Bedtime Story Millennials Will Be Telling Their Kids

Parent tries to tell their kid a bedtime story about a girl named Lucky in reference to the Britney Spears song
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23 Parenting Memes For Everyone In The Struggle

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I Scurred

Caption that reads, "When you look down every grocery store aisle twice and still don't see your mom" above a pic of someone hitting a button that says 'scared'
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Mom Pleeeeeaase?

Still from 'I Love it' music video where Kanye West represents 'me' and Lil Pump represents 'My friend asking my mom is I can stay the night at his house because she will say no if I ask"
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19 Parenting Memes For The Tired Parent Who's Had It Up To Here

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The Most Beautiful Of Lullabies

Pic of a dad tucking his daughter into bed under the caption, "'Daddy, sing me a song from your generation,' dad starts singing 'Rack City'"
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16 Relatable Memes For All The Parents Struggling Through Summer Break

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Dude, Just Leave Me Alone For Five Seconds

renaissance art meme of an annoyed mom and a small child with the caption, "When your kid says Mom for the 745th time"
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