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Painfully Accurate Parenting Memes That Capture the Messy Side of Raising Kids

This is dedicated to all the struggling parents out there
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Longsuffering Parenting Memes That Capture The Agony And Ecstasy Of Having Kids

Stop that
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Kid-Related Memes Both Parents and the Happily Childless Can Appreciate

It's true that some people hate kids. I once worked with someone who was so staunchly anti-child it kind of disturbed me. Sure, it can be argued that it's selfish to bring life into this messed up world. But if you look at it another way, it's absolutely optimistic. There's a chance, even if it's a small one, that if you raise your kid right, they could make that same messed up world a better place. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be making that prospect slightly more unrealistic. Nonethel…
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Sassy & Painfully Relatable Parenting Memes

As a thirty-something with no kids but a wealth of cats, I might complain, but I have it pretty easy. Despite the incessant vet bills, taking care of a cat is a lot easier and somehow a lot cheaper than raising a human child. A friend of mine shared an alarming statistic with her Instagram friends recently - the lifetime cost of raising a child here in the United States, as of 2022, is estimated at a whopping $272,049. That's a staggering number, one that makes me feel like I'm definitely never…
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Parenting Tweets About the Unforgiving Memories Of Children

They remember EVERYTHING.
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funny memes about parenting, raising kids, parents | man standing at the door holding a lay's chips bag: My kid coming into bathroom while taking dump ask if he can eat Family Size bag chips dinner. baby ultrasound: Throwback my kid ate whatever made dinner without complaining.

Parenting Memes & Moments Child-Rearers Can Relate To

Hang in there.
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funny memes, funny tweets, parenting memes, parenting tweets, twitter, parents on twitter, parenting jokes, children, raising children | tweet by portmanteauface Parents need get better at teaching their kids swear words aren't actually bad they're just only appropriate certain contexts, this 9yo girl at grocery store just held up bag cauliflower rice and said FUCK IS THIS and she deserves fucking Oscar. warning sign Well, there's no circle thingy with slash through so guess 's okay.

20+ Parenting Memes for the Brave and Exhausted

We salute you.
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50 Decent Memes That Beat Watching Paint Dry

What? They do.
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50+ Dumb Memes To Distract From The Pain Of Reality

It's meme time
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A Collection of Crazy Memes for Cool People

Meme alert
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23 Relatable Parenting Memes For Exhausted Moms & Dads

The struggle is real
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Funny memes about parenting | Always Sunny in Philadelphia Papa Silve trying recreate conditions last time my baby slept through night Nap length 2 hr 10 min total 68 degrees Dino pajamas alue Sleep sack zipped 87% Waves goodnight houseplant 16 minute bath (plays with alligator toy only) Dinner 3 fish sticks 27 peas F | Baby Yoda Little kids tryna make sure see them coughing

15 Parenting Memes For People Tired Of Their Kids

Parents, you're doing great.
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Funny moms, troll moms, texting with moms, parenting, mom memes | Details Mom Messages Crystal CLEAR/CLAIR Cristal KUST-OLEUM NeverWet OUTDOOR FABRIC TISSUS D'EXTERIEUR Ok Like girlfriend Lol | owlmylove: charlottelabouff: Remember temporarily blind and my mom took shopping but got lost parking lot and ended up confused and hole and she just took pictures instead helping

Amusing Times Moms Were Merciless Trolls

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funny memes, memes, dank memes, relatable memes, twitter memes, funny, relatable, christmas memes, covid-19 memes, quarantine memes, holidays, parenting memes, funny twitter | Manager: Can everyone turn their cameras on this call please grumpy hairy creature | Pizza Challenge 2 people 2 hours 2 32 oz. drinks and 28 PIZZA $50 enter have 2 hours eat whole pizza, crust and all with drinks Complete challenge time allowed and no sick trips restroom and will pay 500 am just fat or does this look easy

40 Relatable Memes & Tweets Sprinkled With Seasonal Humor

Times are tough, but at least we've got memes
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Funny memes about dads, parenting | My kid: Dad trans So makes My kid: Dad, no transparent | *grass grows 0.17 inches* Dads at 7 .m.:

15 Dad Memes For People Who Love Corny Humor

Calling all dads!
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funny dad jokes, memes and tweets, Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained | Dads pointing stud finder at themselves | Nurse: Sorry waiting My dad: no problem l'm patient nurse: My dad: Mike Wazowski face swap Sulley

Fatherly Memes In Celebration Of Dad Joke Masters

Hi, hungry.
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