What A Pleasant Surprise?

Caption that reads, "Graffiti removal guy comes back to discover image of himself" above a pic of a a guy removing some graffiti next to a pic of him in the same pose spray-painted onto the same wall
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Funny Star Wars prequel memes.

17 Fresh Prequel Memes That'll Give You The High Ground

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Funny memes and tumblr posts about therapy and therapists.

20 Funny Tweets & Posts For Anyone Who's Been To Therapy

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Funny meme about being trash but being better than everyone else.
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Funny meme about rap and punk and not calling the police
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Don't Pick Me Don't Pick Me Don't Pick Me

school history relatable Memes eye contact painting mondays funny college - 9153760256
Funny memes and tweets about the official portraits of barack obama and michelle obama.

The Obamas Unveiled Their Official Portraits Today And Twitter Is Freaking Out

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Funny meme about david lynch saying all you need to create art is art supplies and pain.
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Funny teaser for Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds in which Deadpool acts like Bob Ross.

Watch Deadpool Go All Bob Ross In This Hilarious 'Deadpool 2' Trailer

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This Explains A Lot

Funny mem ebaout how thinking about death and pain can make you funnier.
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I Am Very Busy

Funny meme about telling your friends that you're busy but your plans are to paint with hot dogs.
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List of Classical Art Memes sourced from facebook, dealing with nihilism, dating, romance, gossip, friendship, tinder.

Meme Roundup: 21 Classical Art Memes

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art painting illusion - 1512197

Rob Gonsalves: The Master of Illusion

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Well.... Great

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What's Making These Legs Look So Shiny?

shiny legs optical illusion paint What's Making These Legs Look So Shiny?
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Employee of the Month Right Here

work trolling cars Employee of the Month Right Here
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