So That's How He FINALLY Won

web comics leonardo dicaprio oscars So That's How He FINALLY Won
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He Did His Time!

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Leo Won!

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The 2016 Academy Awards Are Over, This Is Everything You Missed

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I Know What Leo Did Last Night

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Are You Prepared?

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Rest Easy, Dank Friend.

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Do Not Mourn, for Leo's Spirit is Finally Free

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He Finally Did It!

leonardo dicaprio won an oscar
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After Sunday, We May Never See Another Meme About Leonardo DiCaprio Not Winning an Oscar

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Please, Dear God, Give Leo The Oscar

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Leo's Red Carpet Rampage Is the Only Part of the Oscars You Need to Attend

video games leonardo dicaprio Leo's Red Carpet Rampage Is the Only Part of the Oscars You Need to Attend
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Catch Up With This One Supercut of All the 2016 Oscar Nominated Films

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It's Not Urban Anymore!

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I Will Not Be Attending This Snow Storm

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Leo's Got His Eyes on the Prize

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