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Show Some Respect

Funny meme with Optimus Prime about Amazon Prime Day deals, respect, he died for our sins | Prime Day has become too commercialized and everyone has forgotten the true meaning of the holiday. HE DIED FOR YOU, PEOPLE.
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Kids, Always Listen To Your Parents

transformers kids deep fried robots optimus prime video games funny parents - 9153063424
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Transformers Optimus Prime Costume

awesome costume gifs optimus prime transformers win - 5425756416
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )


hilarious optimus prime Sexy Ladies transformers - 5959629056
Created by Doombreed

A Transformer That is More Than Meets the Eye

transformers glasses puns optimus prime web comics - 8360957952
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For Three Lucky Cities, Optimus Prime Will Uber You Around Town

optimus prime transformers uber - 8226713344
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Also Just Scary

awesome optimus prime transformers - 8222909184
Created by Unknown

Optimus Primitive

transformers optimus prime web comics - 7932771328
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Optimus Looks FABULOUS

fabulous optimus prime funny - 7760099584
Created by drachehexe

Optimus Shine

transformers puns optimus prime funny - 7558413824
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Better Than Optimus

transformers bow optimus prime funny - 7409236224
Created by Unknown

Well DUH!

optimus prime cartoons voltron - 7342772992
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Optimus Isn't Even a Droid, He's a Truck!

star wars droid optimus prime truck - 3427012096
See all captions Created by edgecrusher02


tornado do it optimus prime - 3858793472
See all captions Created by Unknown


balls optimus prime transformers wtf - 4575502336
See all captions Created by CrosswireLOC

Does That Mean He's Being Optimus Primal?

double meaning innuendo literalism optimus prime playing self transformers - 6608258560
Created by xyzpdq1
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