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Lolololololololol 69 Amirite?

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He's a Real Smooth Talker

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Whoa, I Bet She's Perfect

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What Big Brains They Must Have

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Proper Use of Tinder

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No One Likes You...

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Now That's A Guy Who Has the Answers

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Always Go Shirtless

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I Didn't Know There Was a City Called That

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The Terrible, Terrible Nights of Shame

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Online Dating Adventure

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Ladies Get All the Luck on OKCupid

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Ever Feel Like the World is Out to Get You?

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I Bet the Ladies Are Just Knocking at His Door

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There Are 7 Types of Women You Meet on OKCupid. Here's a Look at Each One of Them.

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The Self Awareness Is Strong in This One

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