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The Most Honest Tinder Profile Pic of All Time

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Lolololololololol 69 Amirite?

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That Took a Weird Turn

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Be Careful Whose Photos Your Stealing

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Odds Are It Wasn't a Typo

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Are You a Bye-Sexual?

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How Sweet of You to Say

guy tells girl to lose weight
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Why Did He Block Me?

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People Need to Get Better at Covering Their Tracks

guy takes a photo for a girl, and leaves evidence of him sending pics to another girl
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A Nice Clean Rejection

he's a terrible flirt
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Good Grammar Always Gets the Ladies

Online daters love correct grammar
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Conan Joins Grindr

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Well, She's Not Wrong

Savanah is a geological tinder profile
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That's a Hell of a Pick Up Line

I need to get a flat screen mirror
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She's in the Illuminati

or she's in the x-files
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Who Could Say No to You?