North Korea

Funny tweets and reactions to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un calling Donald Trump a "dotard."

Kim Jong-Un Called Donald Trump A "Dotard" And It's Our New Favorite Word

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It's Gonna Take A Long, Long Time

Funny meme about Kim Jong Un, rockets, and elton john's song rocket man.
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Funny meme about Kim Jong-Un.
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Collection of dank memes, lots of Hurricane Irma jokes.

Dank Meme Roundup: 20 Brutally Spicy Memes

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Just Try It

Funny meme about Donald Trump tweeting about North Korea.
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Fluffyboi vs. The World

kim jong-un who would win North Korea - 9071363328
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Paging Magneto

Funny meme about North Korean generals and their medals, could be defeated with a magnet.
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dank and funny memes involving solar eclipse, oil, war, elon musk, shrek, internet, north korea, confederate statues.

Dank Meme Roundup: 13 Xtra Spicy Memes

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Funny meme about Donald Trump googling how to kill fat korean man
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She's A Hero

Funny meme about how a news bar makes it look like North Korea fired projectiles and tennis player Serena Williams fired back.
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He Would

Funny meme about posting photos on social media when you're the only one who looks good, Kim Jong Un with a bunch of women who don't look good.
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Don't up-vote If freedom makes you sad

North Korea - 7579921664
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I eat her? Please Sir, No

North Korea - 7374752768
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North Korea - 7341728512
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North Korea - 7009018624
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Do you have any idea how freaking busy i am?

North Korea - 7870828288
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