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Weekly Internet Roundup: Yeonmi Park Tales, Gluten-Free Weddings, and Shrimps Is Bugs

Plus, two acting greats in the poll of a lifetime.
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Hilarious Yeonmi Park Tweets For Ironic Fans of the North Korean Influencer

She's a lie-con, she's a legend, and she is the moment
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People Discuss The Most Risky Places For Americans to Travel

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of traveling to North Korea. This was obviously before the case of Otto Warmbier, whose death led to the ban on Americans traveling to the country. This was more in the era of The Interview and the widespread fear of Seth Rogan leading to nuclear war. There were so many VICE documentaries that explained North Korean culture, and I watched all of them. I logically knew that traveling to North Korea was not the brightest idea, but I was 14 years old…
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Funny dank memes about Kim Jong-Un's rumored death | dancing coffin pallbearers Why do hear music have visitors LIFWark CHIE | Reddit: He's definitely dead Reality: Schrödinger's Kim

Rumors Of Kim Jong-Un's Death Have Sparked Some Particularly Morbid Memes

Big news if true.
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Funny tweets that simp for kim yo-jong, kim jong-un's sister, north korea | Is Mike Hunt Parking Lot moriya2k2 Replying Juche_Gaming need Kim Yo Jong. DOPT HER 11:38 AM 4/24/20 Missouri City, TX Twitter Android | surprised pikachu Aly D @ALLpsjd All these horny mfs and members girl power cult Kim yo jong bombs their country 11:43 PM 4/25/20 Twitter Android

The Internet Is Simping For Kim Jong-Un's Sister

We live in the bleakest timeline.
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Funny posts from the Facebook page called "Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea" - meant to be a knockoff of Domino's Pizza in the United States | pizza shaped like a mushroom cloud: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea ecstatic introduce *new* Extra Spicey Hwasong-14 Pizza, now with free ICBM delivery Unite States. Only at Donimo's! tank in a drive thru: Donimo's Pizza: Pyongyang, Best Korea Drivings-Thru now available at establishment!

Very Strange And Amusing Posts From North Korea 'Donimo's Pizza'

Delicious pizza from the Best Korea.
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Funny dank memes that are not wholesome at all

19 Mildly Dank Memes To Satisfy Your Needs

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He's Mistah Worldwide

Pic of Kim Jong Un, 'Kim Jong Dos' and 'Kim Jong Un, Dos, Tres Quatro' photoshopped as Pitbull
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11 Hysterical 'Illegal Photos Smuggled Out Of North Korea'

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Funny and dank memes that have been freshly harvested for taste reasons

17 Freshly Harvested Dank Memes

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putin memes

16 Putin Memes That'll Make You Vlad You Clicked

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fake history

17 Totally Fake History Memes That Are WAY Better Than Your History Class

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Funny meme about donald trump meeting and shaking hands with kim jong un.

Trump And Kim Jong Un's Meeting Was Spicy Dank Meme Gold

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The Joys Of Capitalism!

Photo of Kim Jong-Un hugging an officer saying that they will be getting a McDonald's
Via topolinirus98
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17 Fresh Memes That'll Add Some Dankness To Your Day

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Enjoy Them While You Can

Funny meme about kim jong-un.
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