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No Need to Get Cagey

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There is No Need to Be Upset

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Reframed: Not the Bees!

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By Harraseda

She Used the Big Printer

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Hers Mer Ferrbert Acter!

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By _woody93_

Dat Eye Contact

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Nicolas Cage Totally Looks Like This Horse

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By Tykittaa

It's Down Right Rotten!

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Nicolas Cage Totally Looks Like This Magic Card

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By Cruentus1313

I Love Those Intense Eyes

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By PrincessGusta
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The Legend of Nic Cage

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What a Lucky Girl

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By Destructodisk

Ermahgerd Cerptcher

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By Intyze
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Honey, You're Definitely Trouble

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If Nick Cage Can Do It, so Can You!

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By deutschland_dash

Oh God, Morph It Back!

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