nicolas cage

Cage is Love. Cage is Life.

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There's No Need to Be Upset

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Super Mario Cage

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In the Name of the Father, The Son, and the National Treasure

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By Unknown

Welcome, Friend...

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Don't Not Fear the Cage. Love the Cage.

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By Sup123

Cage of Empires

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By Unknown

Choose Wisely

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Via babnelly

The Cage

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By Origami_Heart (Via Happy Jar)

I Hate It When I'm Just Trying to Take a Picture of My Wife and Nicolas Cage Randomly Shows Up

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By Unknown

Even Ghost Rider Hates His Movies

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By Diaspa

It's... It's Beautiful!

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By Unknown

Blessed Be The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost Rider!

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By Unknown

My Roommate is Going to Enjoy His New Pillow

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By Unknown

Gone in 60 Seconds, Dog

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By Unknown

Haytham Kenway Totally Looks Like Nicolas Cage

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By SecretLumberjack