He Offers Astounding Insight Into the Matter

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By Unknown

Wait, What?

wtf goats funny newspaper - 7664569600
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I Think We Figured it Out

america funny money newspaper - 7591987712
By fordps3

A Periodical Function

sine puns funny newspaper - 7443038976
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Guns Don't Kill People, People With Guns Kill People

guns gun control newspaper americana - 7255732224
By Unknown

Nobody Caught This?

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I Wish I Could Do Math Like That...

math newspaper - 6928737024
By savannamia

The Title Says It All

ninjas newspaper - 7054132992
By April Song

Happiest Newspaper Deliverer Ever

dogs gifs cute happy Sundog newspaper - 7035673344
By Unknown

Here's One for the Pie Chart Hall of Fame

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Memes: The Latest in Editorial Cartoons

news and-its-gone newspaper - 7039316992
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Newspaper Cat

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It Started It

drugs newspaper - 6964287744
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Classic: That's Helpful

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Santa's Elves: "They Took Our Jobs"

China santa newspaper - 6927134976
By freshbru

Not Again!

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