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A British Newspaper Fell for This Troll's Fake Letters Again and Again

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Scooby Dooby Doo, What the Hell Did You Do?

funny memes scooby doom headline
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This Obituary Was Perfectly Executed For a Great Computer Programmer

funny obituary computer programmer wrote pun filled obituary
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God is Getting Real Tired of Our Nonsense

funny memes biblical flooding becoming common
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Left Hanging on the Front Page of the Newspaper

left hanging high five newspaper - 8336188672

Obama Plays Some Sweet Jazz

IRL newspaper obama - 7908866816
By Unknown

People Sometimes...

people wat newspaper fail nation g rated - 7836765184
By Unknown

Turns Out Our Pet Cats Are All Dwarves

Chart Cats funny newspaper - 7611067904
By Unknown

The Hidden Cons of Prophylactics

Hall of Fame headline innuendo load newspaper spill truck - 5967371264
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rage comics kids these days newspaper - 9222

This Little Kid Makes a Brutal Takedown After the Local Paper Stops Running His Favorite Comics

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I'm Sorry, I Didn't See You There

sunglasses hater blockers newspaper - 8445533184
By bretneuman

I've Said That Before

news headlines are best written when you''re drunk
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On Sunday Even!

yikes sad but true web comics newspaper - 8417403392
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I See What You Did There

headlines newspaper - 8405978880

Indian Dude Reading Newspaper on a Motorcycle

mindwarp gifs motorcycle newspaper - 8275695104
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