Article about Twitter discourse regarding SpongeBob's once unacknowledged kill list.

Guy Exposes Spongebob's Kill Count In Shocking Twitter Thread

Spongebob is a wacky little cartoon character; He's an absolute hoot, and he surely hasn't killed a guy , right? Well, I've got some bad news for you. Being on TV for 23 years has allowed SpongeBob to get into every situation imaginable. This includes vehicular manslaughter and 2nd-degree murder. While most fans take SpongeBob's criminal record no more seriously than they'd take Eric Cartman's, some fans were deeply upset about the sea sponge's portrayal.
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An article about a woman who got ratio'd on Twitter for claiming that criticisms of true crime are rooted in sexism.

Woman Claims Sexism Is Cause Of Backlash Toward True Crime, Gets Roasted On Twitter

True crime has been among the most popular podcast genres over the past decade. Unlike shows like ‘Law & Order SUV,' which depicts police attempting to solve fictional crimes, true crime media is focused on crimes that actually happened. While true crime documentaries and books have been popular for decades, true crime podcasts are a more recent phenomenon that has blown up in popularity over the past five years. However, true crime has not been without criticism, with detractors calling it cav…
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Funny random memes, dank memes, lol

True Crime Memes For People Fascinated By Murder and Mysteries

This country's (and maybe the world's) obsession with murder is a bit alarming. We'd have to say that most people are fascinated by dark tales of grisly killings, serial killers, and murder mysteries. The television industry makes a fortune on it. And the murder-minded aren't limited to big screens. True crime podcasts haven't helped things. If anything, they've stoked this raging fire. What's weirder is that it seems like most murder mystery and true crime buffs are women. We settle into our c…
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scam, scamming, scammer, email, funny, assassin, murder, twitter, funny twitter

Gripping Scam Email Has People Applauding Its Creativity

Main character energy
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A look at three 3 manga from Japan that influenced Neflix's Squid Game, graphic novels

3 Death Game Manga That Inspired ‘Squid Game’

Squid Game requires little to no introduction for most internet users and television enjoyers. The Netflix original series has taken the world by storm, showing us, once again, how fond we are of watching characters we’ve grown attached to get massacred for the entertainment of spectators (both in-universe and outside it). Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series follows a very similar premise with its yearly ritual in which a group of teenagers, you guessed it, have to compete to the death for the…
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the sims, the sims 4, tiktok, torture, murder, gaming, video games, funny

Casual Gamers Bond Over Shared Psychopathy When They Play “The Sims”

Yay! Virtual murder
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HH Holmes, serial killers, true crime, crime documentaries, murder, unsolved mysteries, memes, funny memes, morbid curiosity, ted bundy | Imagine get murdered and some girl skips episode forensic files bc its boring | put on Netflix so can fold laundry but just wind up binge watching another docuseries about murder @tank.sinatra

30+ True Crime Memes For The Morbidly Curious

Memes while we wait for the new murder doc to drop
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carole baskin, don lewis, husband, murder, tiger king, reddit, ama, plane

Carole Baskin Reveals How She Thinks Her Husband Died And Now People Have New Theories

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Funny memes of Joe Goldberg from NEtflix You starring Penn Badgley, memes about being creepy, obsessive relationships | Him glad not one those crazy girls. ask her day went but already know her day went.

Joe Goldberg Memes To Satisfy Your Inner Creep

Netflix's 'You' is a meme GOLDmine.
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carole baskin, tiger king, tiger, cnn, murder, joe exotic

Carole Baskin Weighs In On The Houston Tiger, The Internet Is Predictably Skeptical

Perhaps don’t counter a murder suspect with somebody people think is a murder suspect.
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Funny meme about how the package for caramel M&Ms casually shows m&ms murdering each other
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Your privilege is showing.

funny meme from facebook comment about how not all murderers have the funds to bury their victims far from home, have to resort to backyard burial | not everyone has the trunk space or gas money to drive way out in the middle of nowhere to dump their bodies. Check your privilege. We're all doing the best we can out here.
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Justgirlythings memes, just girly things, boys, girls, dating, relationships, kissing, love, flirty memes, saw, sarcastic memes | boys do stupid things with thingebaysdowelove 16 and Pregnant | he calls babe. pig movie

27 Relationship Memes That Are Overflowing With Sarcasm

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Such Wholesome Times

Funny meme about how the '70s had many incidences of serial killers and Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Boomer: Nowday there is nothing but rage and violence, I'm glad I've grown up in the 70s The 70s:
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Funny Twitter thread about a guy who mistakenly put flowers on the grave of a murderer

Dude Mistakenly Puts Flowers On A Murderer's Grave, Meets Future Wife In The Process

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People Who Do This: Stop

Funny tweet that reads, "Police: why'd you kill him? Me: he was making an 'aahh' sound after every sip of coffee and holding his cup close to his face with two hands; Police: okay just try not to do anymore murders"
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