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Hyper-Specific Memes For People Who Work in the Funeral Industry

I can't pretend to really know anything about working in the funeral industry. To me, it seems incredibly bleak. Surrounding oneself with death and people grieving the loss of their loved ones. As someone with major death anxiety, I couldn't possibly handle it. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a meme account that is dedicated to the interesting lives of funeral directors, morticians, and crematory workers. At first, the account rubbed me the wrong way. It seems kind of inappropriate…
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TikTokers Just Realize That the Chicken Crossed the Road for a Very Macabre Reason and They Are Shocked

TikTokers Just Realize That the Chicken Crossed the Road for a Very Macabre Reason and They Are Shocked

Ok, but for real… Was it common knowledge that this basic joke was actually dark humor??
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HH Holmes, serial killers, true crime, crime documentaries, murder, unsolved mysteries, memes, funny memes, morbid curiosity, ted bundy | Imagine get murdered and some girl skips episode forensic files bc its boring | put on Netflix so can fold laundry but just wind up binge watching another docuseries about murder @tank.sinatra

30+ True Crime Memes For The Morbidly Curious

Memes while we wait for the new murder doc to drop
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Girl Makes Deepfake of Dead Grandpa for Her Mom's Birthday, Mom is Horrified

Remember when Kanye reanimated the late Robert Kardashian into a creepy holographic deepfake for Kim's birthday? Sure, she feigned gratitude at the time, but they're divorced now. Just saying. For people who have never lost a loved one, reanimating a deceased relative might seem like a cool idea. But for those who have gone through the pain and grief of loss, the experience of seeing an uncanny copy of someone they love and will never see again might be pretty traumatic. Redditor u/ThrowRAFamil
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Not Fun facts submitted by reddit users. | r/AskReddit Join u/slayeris471 9h O 1 2 160 e 110 3 115 1 121 is NOT fun fact? WrongJohnSilver 8h 8 5 Awards man once had tapeworm get cancer cancer metastasized, and man died tumors tapeworm throughout his entire body. Reply 18.7k

28 Bleak Facts That Are The Opposite Of Fun

Womp womp
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weird messed up thoughts, reddit, askreddit | MotherFuckin-Oedipus easy is kill people and get away with s always just passing thought, and not necessarily doing killing woman could just drop her baby into bear pen and call an accident could push this dude front train and sprint away guy manning crane could drop load on his coworker.

17 People Revealed The Most F***ed Up Things They Think About On A Regular Basis

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Funny dank memes about Kim Jong-Un's rumored death | dancing coffin pallbearers Why do hear music have visitors LIFWark CHIE | Reddit: He's definitely dead Reality: Schrödinger's Kim

Rumors Of Kim Jong-Un's Death Have Sparked Some Particularly Morbid Memes

Big news if true.
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Depressing memes, sad memes, depressing comics, r/soulcrushingjuice, reddit, sad comics, web comics

Memes & Comics Edited To Be Uncomfortably Depressing

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Funny advertisements that were unfortunately placed next to other advertisements

Funny Yet Unfortunately Placed Advertisements And Headlines

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Funny meme that reads, "Glass coffins...will they be popular??? Remains to be seen!!!"
Via jwsmith20x
stick figure boyfriend hilarious doodles

Girl's Snap Story About Her Stick-Figure Boyfriend Takes A Hysterically Morbid Turn

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Funny tweet about wanting people to take the bouquet off of casket at funeral and throw it to see who is next.
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Caption that reads, "When your parents vaccinated you and you had to live a full life and become an adult" above a pic of a guy saying, "So this is bullsh*t"
Via TowerofHeaven
Funny and dark wikihow memes. | Person -  have been sent space kill don't take personally actually think are kinda cute. wiki Tell Boy Like Him | Person -  are here neither long time nor good time O wiki Talk Childron About Death

19 Hilariously Dark WikiHow Memes

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Well That Escalated Quickly

Comic where someone recites the schoolyard rhyme about two people sitting in a tree, but it takes a dark turn
Via PumkinSpice314


"Sorry for your loss" card that says, "It's me, I leave in three weeks - Todd"
Via kray
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