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Crooked Boss Pays Wife $60k Annually With Company Money

His salaried employees are only making $30,000
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TikToker Shares Pro Tip For How to Stop Paying For Your Friends' Expensive Orders At Restaurants

We've all been there.
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Twitter user shares her expeirience with a weird non profit organization that does not allow applicants to negotiate because it

Weird Company Bans Salary Negotiation Because It 'Benefits People With Privilege'

Salary negotiation is one of the most challenging parts of getting a new job. It can feel tough to assert yourself and fight for what you're worth, especially when the company is lowballing you. If you can stand your ground for a better salary, it can significantly help your career and your quality of life in the long run. Unfortunately, not all companies are open to negotiating salaries, even from candidates with excellent experience. Still, companies that aren't the most accepting of negotiat…
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Horrible Person Asks Roommate To Pay For Cookies Made With The Roommates Ingredients

Does she have no shame?
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Frustrating Thread Reveals That Boomers Are Still Disgracefully Out of Touch

We're sad to report that the boomers still don't understand that things have changed in the past fifty years. It's as if nothing has happened outside of their lived experiences. “I made $10 an hour in 1970 and bought my own house by the time I was 30! If I did it, so can you.” You can try and explain to grandpa the concept of housing price inflation, or that $10 in 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $77 today (which would be an annual salary of $148,379), but there's a strong chanc…
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Starbucks is Getting Dragged For Charging Extra on Light Ice Orders: 20+ Twitter Reactions

Starbucks is now charging an extra dollar if you request a drink with light ice – and customers aren't happy about it.
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Twitter Users Dunk on Dubious 'Advice' About Finding a Rich Man to Marry

Delusion central
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Disney Family Get Roasted For Eye-Wateringly Expensive Trip to Walt Disney World

That is a lot of money
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Tech Bro Roasted for Complaining About Uber Trip From Manhattan to Philly

Take a train
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Funniest Money Memes for Broke Folks

If you've ever been broke, I'm sure you've realized, it's not fun
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People Roast 'Self-Made' Millionaires Who Definitely Got Their Success Through Nepotism

All you need is ambition, work ethic...and rich parents
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Crypto Schemer Clowned For Bragging About Buying a $7k Lighter

We knew that the pump-and-dump schemers of the crypto world were stupid – but sometimes we're still flabbergasted by the idiocy they display on a regular basis on public forums such as Twitter. This week, the crypto grindset bro that most, well, ground our gears was a certain Gavin Mayo (@EarnMayo), who got roasted to a crisp by users of the bird app. See, he thought it would be impressive to share a video of a lighter he had dropped an insane $7k on. “I spent $7000 on a lighter today. We are n…
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Medical Insurance Worker Gets Accused of Slacking on Claims, Decides to Upend the System

Hero behavior
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A compilation of NFT and Crypto Bros posting their Ls online

Cringey Times NFT Bros Posted Their Ls Online

What ever happened to NFTs? Earlier this year, it seemed like NFT dudes and crypto bros were part of the new frontier of guys online making poor financial decisions. However, now all you hear about NFTs is that they're becoming more and more useless as time goes on. It was surely fun to “steal” peoples apes via the well known hacker technique of screenshotting
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Wannabe Entrepreneur Tries to Fake Being a Millionaire, Admitting He's Scammy and Wants to Impress Gold Diggers

Wannabe Entrepreneur Tries to Fake Being a Multi-Millionaire, Proves That He's Scammy and Wants to Impress Gold Diggers

Fake it til you make it
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Everything Rich People Ruined for the Rest of the World: A Thread

Once upon a time in a small American city, way back before it became the “hip” town it's known as today, there was a beautiful natural cold spring that the locals shared in harmony all throughout the warmer months. There was plenty of space for everyone and admittance was free, so long as locals took care of the beautiful land. One day, a bunch of rich people from a bigger, more expensive city decided to relocate to the unassuming town because they heard it was dirt cheap. Fast forward several…
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