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'Dual Income No Kids' Couple Brags About Being Able To Afford More Stuff, Sparks Outrage From Trad Parents

Are the snacks worth it?
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Mom Cries After Only Having $200 Left After Paying Bills, Gets Criticized For Being Out of Touch

Is she wrong, though?
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Interviewer Rejects Candidate After He Guesses The Salary Range Incorrectly

Even after he was okay with the lower salary!
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Rich Couple's Wedding Guests Reveal Highlights of $59 Million Festivities, Prompt Debate on Twitter

Looks kinda mid honestly
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The Weird, Unknown Jobs That Actually Pay Really Well

You might not find these on LinkedIn
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Former Spoiled Kids Share The Times Their Privilege Was Checked Hard

Reality: Checked
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Boyfriend Asks Girlfriend to Cover Bill and Tell Everyone He Paid, Sparks Debate About Money and Gender

More money more problems
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Redditors Share the Wildly Out of Touch Things They've Been Told

I'll just get the maid to do it
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Man Makes the Ultimate Dating Faux-Pas, Woman Sends a Biting Reply

Guess there wont be a second date
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Redditors Share the Quiet Luxury Brands We're Too Broke to Know About

And I thought eggs were expensive...
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Hiking is Bad, Australian Sushi is Canceled, and Gen Z vs. The 9 to 5

Also: Jay Z settles the dinner debate.
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Grandchild Sells Priceless Family Heirloom Without Asking the Rest of the Family First

Where's the common sense?
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Stingy Friend Venmo Requests for a $1 Muffin

don't be that friend
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Gordon Ramsay Gets Trolled For 'Inspirational' Story About Selling His Porsche to Buy His First House

"We were skint"
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Redditors Condemn Infuriatingly Unrelatable Things That Rich People Say

They know it all
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Gambling Memes For Poker Players And Sports Bet Makers

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