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Frustrated People Explain How Being Poor is Actually Prohibitively Expensive

Being broke is expensive
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Petty Woman Tries To Pay $250 Fine In Quarters, Faces Unexpected Payback

Pure bureaucracy
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Twitter thread about the etiquette of charging friends for dinner

Internet Users Debate the Ethics of Charging Dinner Party Guests For Food

Entertaining is nothing new, but it's something I've done a lot more since the beginning of the pandemic. It's become something of a ritual with my friends. I whip up dinner, people bring wine, we laugh and then say our goodbyes until the next intimate soiree. The same is true for when my friends come by - either we each bring something to contribute (especially when we're whipping up pizza in the backyard) or we pool funds to order something if we are feeling lazy. Rarely, if ever, does money…
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Twitter Rips Apart Ad Suggesting People Take Out Payday Loans To Purchase Fries

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Apartment Complex Ignites Debate By Publicly Shaming Households Late On Rent

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Worker Gets Slammed For Saving On Expenses, Decides To Live It Up On The Company Dime

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Funny tweets about Anna Wintour's $77 lunch

Anna Wintour's $77 Go-To Lunch Is Getting Roasted and Ridiculed

Anna Wintour, Vogue's longtime editor-in-chief, isn't the most beloved media personality. The 72 year old (along with her signature bob) has mostly made a name for herself as alleged inspiration of The Devil Wears Prada - an uptight woman, with serious demands. Her steely countenance isn't a surprise to many plebs. People with lots of money often lack the ability to connect, which is why Anna Wintour 's biography (written by Amy Odell) is at the very bottom of our reading list. This placement w…
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Chaotically Wholesome Dude Pelts Sister With OnlyFans Money He Earned To Pay Her Student Loan

Chaotic good.
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Karen Gets Dunked On For Letter Railing Against Taco Bell Price Increases

Get a life
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Austin Tenant Shares Horror At Being Congratulated For Nearly $2.5K Rent Increase

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Infuriating Thread Reveals The Difficulties Of Negotiating Pay

A minefield
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Funny reactions to the gift bag at the 2022 oscars, celebrities, rich people, money, lol, wtf, finances, privelege

Want to Feel Poor? Check Out This Years' Oscars Nominees' Gift Bags

Yet another reminder that we are chopped liver.
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Funny reactions to Star WArs hotel, $5000, SFGate, Star Wars hotel reviews, claustropobic

People React to and Riff On Disney's $5000 Star Wars Hotel

Look. We know that a lot of people love Disney. As a kid, you're basically trained to want to go to one of their tricked out amusement parks. You want to see Goofy's goofiness up close, meet a princess in a floofy gown, and stand in line for over an hour with your disgruntled parents who would rather be drinking. After a while you grow up, and while you do want to go to Disneyland for some rides, you also want to spend more time at the Trader Sam's tiki bar, drinking until you get into an explo…
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Amusing Thread Explains The Perils Of Banking As A Spendthrift

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loopholes, askreddit, jobs, money, smart people, reddit, memes, funny stories, funny comments, clever, win, making money, saving money, lol, funny | paid three hundred dollars month park really pimped out van heated garage Boston. If parked front no one could see Found spot near an electrical outlet and ran line into van. Paid 10 gym across street open 24 hours so had all hot showers wanted. Served at nearby restaurant so ate most my meals free. Watched tv on my laptop with free WiFi coffee shop

Brilliant Loopholes People Exploited For Years

Props to these amateur con artists
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Weird and stupid woman insists that birthday person should pay for their guests meals at a birthday dinner.

Entitled Woman Roasted For Tacky Take on Birthday Dinners

This is some next level BS
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