This Happens to You When Every Day Starts to Feel Like Monday

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Monday Dance

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Created by lolnein ( Via LOL Nein )

Days of the Week

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Created by InfernoArmor

Yes It's Monday Time to Go Back to Sleep

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Created by Iron-man01

Good Morning, It's Monday!

GIF of a funny way to wake someone up in the morning, basically by jumping off an elevated platform and kicking them in the face with your landing. Good morning to you too.
Created by TheMetalCat

I Don't Dig Mondays

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Mondays, AMIRITE?

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This Dog

Gif of an awesome dog.
Via Cupcake Fury

Monday Mornings in a GIF

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Created by Sephiroth1993

Motocross Start Emulating Every Day of My Life

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Don't Worry Monday Will Be Fine

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Via Say OMG

Oh Bother, That's Monday For You

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Garfield Was Right

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See all captions Created by theblondekid

Monday Mornings Coming Back to Work

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Created by Asciicodeplus

Attempting to Seize Monday Morning

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