Monday Mornings Are the Worst

dave chappelle sleep mondays - 8174806528

Monday Mornings...

coffee mondays - 8174649344

Work Sucks

work sad but true mondays web comics - 8134308864
Via Ubertool Comic

An Illustrated Guide to the Week, As Told by Drinks

beer alcohol comics coffee drinks webcomics mondays - 8096381440
Via Nineteen Letters Long

"Life is Pain, Highness. Anyone Who Says Different is Trying to Sell You Something."

the princess bride inigo montoya mondays - 8036012544
Created by Unknown

Every Monday

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Created by rodentrecorder

Don't Do it, He'll Hit You

wtf Office Space mondays funny - 8033253376
Created by Unknown

This Graffiti is the Wisest Thing You'll See All Day

jobs graffiti mondays - 8026326784
Created by Unknown

Mondays on Mercury

mondays g rated monday thru friday - 7939960832
Created by Unknown

Every Monday

gifs kids mondays funny crying - 7858044416
Created by ToolBee

Mondays, Eh?

Aliens africa gifs lasers mondays funny - 7795728384
Created by Unknown

This Happens to You When Every Day Starts to Feel Like Monday

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Created by Unknown

Monday Dance

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Created by lolnein ( Via LOL Nein )

Days of the Week

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Created by InfernoArmor

Yes It's Monday Time to Go Back to Sleep

FAIL gifs sad but true sleep mondays funny - 7472741120
Created by Iron-man01

Good Morning, It's Monday!

GIF of a funny way to wake someone up in the morning, basically by jumping off an elevated platform and kicking them in the face with your landing. Good morning to you too.
Created by TheMetalCat