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17 Military Memes Worthy Of Some Sweet 'Chest Candy'

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30 Snide Military Memes That You Probably Shouldn't Show Your Sergeant

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33 Navy Memes That Even The 'Blue Ropers' Will Enjoy

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Military memes.

34 Hilarious Military Memes That Know The Struggle

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It's True

funny venn diagram meme about barking chants.
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Military memes, sad, death, war.

28 Sobering Military Memes That'll Give You A Dose Of Perspective

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What A Knee-Slapper!

Text conversation that reads, "Why does the Norway navy have bar codes on the sides of their ships? So when they come back to port they can Scandinavian"
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Funny history memes, military memes.

18 Military History Memes To Help Battle Your Boredom

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Trump's 'Space Force' Is Officially A Go And The Internet Is Going Bananas

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Funny military memes, patriotic memes.

15 Hilarious Military Memes For Anyone Who's Served

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Crack It Open!

Funny meme about forbidden tuna, landmine, funny landmine.
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So Unfair

Funny meme of spongebob squarepants in a dress supposed to represent an army recruit being turned away by the military.
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Capitalism and Democracy, We've Got It All

military america - 8607154432
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Sgt. Archer Disapproves

military army safety - 8754361088
Created by tamaleknight

She Could Tow Me Anywhere

memes Sexy Ladies russia military funny - 8349922048

Come On, Waldo, Step It Up!

military wheres waldo waldo army - 7607895296