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That There's The Devil's Locker

Snapchat caption that reads, "I go to a Catholic school" over a picture of locker 665 next to locker 667
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For Real

Meme of DJ Khaled looking confused under the caption, "These days you will see 13-year-old girls posting stuff like, 'I want to forget everything and move on;' forget what? The multiplication table??"
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Not Even Middle Schoolers Like Middle School

best of week middle school Pie Chart teaching truancy story - 5850890240
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Population Growth or Scumbag Bus System?

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Dating Rules at School

middle school relationships prom dating truancy story - 7604269824
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School Throughout the Ages

school elementary school middle school high school sleeping funny college truancy story - 7534212864
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I Had the Best Middle School Teacher

school middle school teachers funny truancy story - 7522576384
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What is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

school elementary school middle school sleep high school funny college truancy story - 7444027904
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Cower in Fear, Parents of Middle Schoolers!

yolo abbreviations swag middle school lol satanism - 7295095808
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elementary school middle school girlfriend high school - 7005276160
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Homework's For Squares

homework school middle school Pie Chart - 6919939584
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Dem Priorities

middle school priorities cod we got a badass over here - 6688650752
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You Couldn't Think of a Better Location for That?

bathrooms gossip middle school Pie Chart truancy story - 5747969536
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