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Teacher Memes For Celebrating The Last Day of School

It's finally over
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Stupid Dad Claims Math Education Should End In Middle School After Not Understanding His Kid's Algebra Homework

Anti-intellectualism at it's finest
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School Administration Bans Students From Using The Restroom During Class

Every student has had this dreaded interaction with a K-12 teacher. "Can I use the restroom?" “I don't know, can you?” Not only is it unoriginal, but most children will not understand the grammatical problem at hand. That's because there is no grammatical problem with “Can I use the restroom,” and teachers who act like there is are simply in the mood to be pedantic. There is a specific Southern brand of this interaction that I remember vividly from elementary school. “May I use the restroom?” “…
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Teacher Memes For Surviving Standardized Testing Season

It's that time of the year.
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A compilation of memes about theatre, theatre kids, and acting

Theatre Kid Memes For Attention-Seeking Musical Lovers

Five Six Seven Eight!
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Horrible Mother Posts Her Daughter Crying After Getting Cut From the School Volleyball Team, Blames Social Media

A big part of growing up is getting rejected from things. Whether it's a sports team or the top band, teenagers will inevitably be disappointed by rejection throughout their adolescence. My most devastating high-school rejection was from the elite group at my community theatre. I know, I'm really cool. I was in the Junior Varsity of musical theatre for three years before I finally got into the top group. The first two years in this group of self-proclaimed "rejects" were expected, but when I di…
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Teacher Bravely Asks 6th Graders How They Would Handle a Room Full of Students Who Weren’t Listening, Hilarity Ensues

Teacher Asks 6th Graders How They'd Handle a Room Full of Inattentive Students, Hilarity Ensues

These tweens would waste no time
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Teachers Share Things They Wish They Could Say to Parents

Teachers get a lot of blame for kids' bad behavior. Parents go to parent-teacher conferences and belligerently demand that the teacher explain why their child is not doing well in class. Teachers are expected to kindly explain to parents what the issue is, even when the parents are being rude and demanding. The truth is, it's usually not the teacher's fault that a kid is failing to thrive in the classroom, and yet they have to shoulder so much of the blame. It's demonstrably unfair. In a perfec…
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Tutoring Company Forbids Students From Drinking Water Because 'They've Had Spills'

When you're a kid, you always have arbitrary rules thrust upon you for stupid reasons. In elementary school , we were only allowed to wear hats on Fridays, which as a hat girl, I found ridiculous. How is wearing a hat any more distracting than not wearing a hat? I would understand if hats were banned in order to prevent the spread of lice, but they weren't! They just wanted to restrict our freedom a bit more. Sometimes, teachers and educators can circumvent rules that are unfair. My 3rd-grade t…
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Teacher Memes To Pass Around The Teachers Lounge

No students allowed
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Teachers Share The Harshest Things They've Ever Said To Their Students

Telling them like it is!
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A compilation of funny memes about teachers and teaching

Teaching Memes For Teachers Struggling to go Back to Work

Back to school! Again!
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A compilation of memes about teachers teaching and students

Teacher Memes For Burnt Out Educators

Teachers are some of the most harshly criticized groups of professionals out there. Everyone has their own idea about how teachers should do their job, but so few of them could do even half of what teachers do every day. So many parents expect teachers to be able to fix everything that's wrong with their bad kids and try to place the blame anywhere but on themselves. All of this criticism can get exhausting. At most jobs, employees only have a couple of supervisors, but teachers have administra…
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A compilation of funny memes for and by teachers about teaching

Teacher Memes For Teachers Enjoying Their Winter Break

It's finally time for teachers to take a load off. It seems like this semester has been rough for everyone, and every teacher who taught this fall needs a well-deserved break to catch up on their sleep. So many people give teachers crap about having a summer and a winter break . They think that because their office job is all year long, they must work harder than anyone who gets a considerable period of time off. What those people don't know is that teachers have to spend a lot of their breaks…
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A compilation of memes about teachers and teaching

Teacher Memes To Enjoy Over Thanksgiving Break

Teachers deserve so much more respect than they get, and I am partly to blame for this. When I was in high school , I wasn't blatantly rude to my teachers, but I did not give the educators in my life the respect they probably deserved. For instance, I called every single one of my teachers Senior year by their first names, either behind their backs or to their faces, depending on how close we were. Out of Barb, Cathy, John, Paul, Linda, and Kelly, I could only call Barb by her first name to her…
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A compilation of memes about band and marching band

Marching Band Memes For Bonafide Band Geeks

Those who were never band kids don't know how much spit is involved. Sure, other extracurriculars like baseball might inspire youths to become chronic spitters, but the school band takes it to a new level. If you play a woodwind instrument, you've got to moisten your reed up with spit, and if you don't, it will probably sound not very good. If you play a brass instrument, you have a "spit valve." When you play your instrument, the moisture from your lips travels through your instrument and buil…
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