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Weekly Internet Roundup: Chabad Tunnels, Josh Wine, and Golden Globes Slang

Also, a bunch of men let their impulsive thoughts win.
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Dude Refuses To Tell Woman His Real Name, Doesn't Understand Why She Rejects Him

The question is, "What is your name?"
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'Is she a spy giving tips to other spies?': Cautious TikToker demonstrates cruise safety tips, sparks debate about travel safety

Fire hazard central
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'Dating in this generation is a nightmare': Player gets dragged for proposing 'exclusive friends with benefits' relationship

So... a relationship?
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'We NEED human connection': Opportunistic App Developers Get Roasted for Announcing AI Girlfriend App

The future is dystopian
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'I promise to smack that... every chance I get': Lazy Husband Gets Dragged for Inconsiderate Wedding 'Vows'

Leave him at the altar
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"I don't have the heart to tell him": Woman Breaks Down When Nobody Can Come to Boyfriend's 30th Birthday, Sparks Debate About Male Friendships

Be there for your friends
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'Maintaining the art of finding lost items in plain sight': 27 people weigh in on what women do better than men

definitely shopping
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Cringey TikTok Chef Repulses Twitter With Seductive Donut Making Video

Women don't want this
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Boastful Male Job Applicant Shares Medical Stats on Resume, Splits Opinion of the Internet

Can employers discriminate based on sperm count?
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TikToker Gets Roasted For Filming Target Shopping Trip, Sparks Debate About Boring Content Creators

Mundanity = $$$
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Gen Z Woman's List of 'Icks' About Male Love Interest Spark Curiosity and Ridicule on Twitter

"Do men even realize they're on multiple lists like this?"
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Thristy Twitter User Gets Roasted for Revealing Head to Toe Black Outfit That "All Men Look Hot In"

Server chic
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The Cringiest Dating App Encounters This Week (October 11, 2023)

Not so eligible bachelors
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20 Relatable Boyfriend Memes for Wholesome Relationship Enjoyers

Just boyfriend things
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Men Share Secrets That All Men Keep From Women

Women are from Venus, Men are from Reddit
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