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'My boyfriend's armpits': 20+ Smelly smells that smell smelly but everyone secretly enjoys

IDK about fish food flakes...
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Relatable ADHD Memes for ADHD Havers

Having untreated attention deficit disorder growing up was a hectic time. At least one point each year, a teacher, counselor, or even Taekwondo instructor would point it out to me. But I was 9 years old, and my mom didn’t accept their theories. So 11 years later, I was diagnosed and life became slightly more manageable. For those who have ADHD or even those who know someone with it, there are a lot of quirks and behaviors that are easy to relate to. Are you or someone you know constantly zoning…
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Funny Parenting Tweets About the Cruelly Unforgiving Memories Of Children

They remember EVERYTHING.
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Ah Memories

Funny meme that reads, "When you randomly smell a specific scent you remember as a kid and the nostalgic memories come flooding in" above a still of Squidward smelling something
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It's Always The Best Dreams Too!

Funny meme about not being able to remember your dreams when you wake up | My dream: What I remember from my dream: Ignorance, Envy and Jealousy by James Ward
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Those Memories

Funny meme that reads, "Them: You can't smell a photo; The photo: ..." above a photo of an aisle at Home Depot
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Funny Twitter thread about nostalgic things from elementary school | melina melmadara smelled SO bad and were probably washed once year | bringing back weird memories elementary school running finger between tiles on a wall |

Twitter Thread About Elementary School Brings Back Memories

Those were the days.
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Funny memes about life in the '80s

Gnarly '80s Memes That Are Like Totally Tubular

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So Annoying

Caption that reads, "When you forget your keys inside and lock yourself out" above a still of Frodo Baggins saying, "Argh the keys"
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Really Dangerous

Caption that reads, "The dangers of marijuana" above pics of a stoned person who tried to microwave Hot Pockets several times after forgetting each time
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Real Tasty

Caption that reads, "Me before every test" above pics of a guy drinking "dumb juice"
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When You're "Better With Faces"

Funny meme about trying to remember peoples names.
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Whether You Like It Or Not

Funny meme about thinking about the past, whether you like it or not, mean girls.
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His Name Is Robert Paulson

Funny ,meme about repeating someone's name over and over so that you remember it.
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If I Could Turn Back Time

Funny meme with PAtrick STewart looking dismayed, about when you see your facebook memories from years ago and are filled with regret.
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Oh Pizza Rolls, You Will Be Missed

image pizza rolls memory Oh Pizza Rolls, You Will Be Missed
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