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Caption that reads, "When you acting hard in front of the squad but your horse knows you a b*tch" above a medieval painting of a guy holding a sword up while his horse looks at him with distrust
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Caption that reads, "Ever wonder what the f*ck went down exactly in the middle ages" above a painting of people running away from a man appearing to fly
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Funny medieval medical memes, medical memes, medieval memes, medieval art, medieval art memes, medieval health care, tapestries.

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How History is Made

Picture of royal medieval couple. Queen asks the king to come to bed, but he is trying to think of a name for his soldiers. The queen says "k night" - which spells knight - and the king says she is a genius.
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Just Medieval Things

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The Worst Neighbourhood

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Meh, I've Had Worse

medieval things memes Meh, I've Had Worse
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Gotta Go Harder

funny memes going hard in the paint

Sexting in Medieval Times

medieval web comics sexting Sexting in Medieval Times
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I Saw What You Did on the Battlefield

funny memes your horse knows
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When You Aren't Able To Roast Your Really Snarky Friend

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