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A Court Jester's Pocketful of Medieval Memes to Save Peasant Folk From the Gallows

Medieval memes that are far from Feudal.
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25+ Medieval Memes For Knights in Shining Armor And Princesses Locked in Towers

I wish we had more insight into what people actually looked like during the Medieval era. I love the medieval films of Roger Cormac as much as anybody ( The Masque of the Red Death was my favorite Halloween 2023 watch), but unfortunately, 1960s movies probably do not represent the Dark Ages uber accurately. We don't have as much of a record of what people in the Middle Ages dressed in or valued in appearances when compared with the Renaissance or other later eras. The art is less realistic, so…
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Less Than 95 Medieval Memes to Post on the Church Door

Reformation type beat
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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Memes of the Week (August 18, 2023)

Good day, daring druids, clever clerics, and rambunctious rangers! It's Friday, and you know what that means. That's right! It's time for a hearty collection of Dungeons & Dragons memes . It's not easy to build a dependable D&D crew. Gathering a handful of individuals for regular multiple-hour sessions requires commitment. But when you succeed, it's beautiful. For my last campaign , we ran a customized version of 3.5. The mix of personalities within our group fit perfectly with the characters w…
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25+ Medieval Memes For Mead-Eating Knights, Jesters, And Princesses on Their Way to Medieval Times

I am a sucker for Medieval Times . I know that it is lowkey a scam that is not worth the nearly $100 price tag, but I do not care. Every time I drive by a Medival Times restaurant, my heart sings with happiness. My parents live like 5 minutes away from one of those giant castles on the side of the freeway, and if I were them, I would be going to that bad boy constantly. I don't think Medieval Times has a season pass like Disneyland or Six Flags does, but it darn well should. Even though eating…
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Medieval Memes for the Landed Gentry

Now, I've never been to a Renaissance fair, but it's definitely on my bucket list. Hanging out with my buds, eating a cartoonishly large hunk of mutton, drinking brews out of a gilded stein, and pretending we're in the late 1300s? That sounds like a dream come true. If you subtract the inherent suffering found in the medieval ages , it seems like a pretty good time. Who needs modern medicine? I'll just let one of those plague doctors in the bird mask tell me how to fix my ailments. Medieval mem…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Old School Memes That Are a Blast From The Past

Memes do not age like fine wine. They age like a comedy from the mid-90s. If you've got a good enough eye, you can tell exactly when a meme was made and when it was popular online. When we consume memes, we've got the hivemind mentality where some memes are in style, and some memes are oh-so out. Let's take image macros, for example. For several years in the early 2010s, that was the only way a meme could be. Memes had to have bold white top text and bottom text, or else they were nothing more…
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History Memes For People Who Don't Want to Crack Any Books

You don't have to crack open a textbook or a non-fiction account of some historical event to indulge in a little history. Right now, it's perfectly understandable that any of us would want to escape the present with a little trip to the past. But what if we told you that the journey through time could be one that is humorous in nature? I know, we're blowing your minds right now. But it's true. All you have to do to enjoy some historical teachings and humor is scroll through some history memes .…
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Leather armor made for cats, dungeons and dragons, cosplay, pets

Leatherworker and Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiast Creates “Kitty Armor” So Your Cat Can Now Fully Be Immersed in the Game With You

Next up? Teaching your cat how to roll dice!
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Refined Classical Art Memes For the Cultured Souls

Memes both cultured & dank
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Dungeons & Dragons Players are Showing Off Their Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

Dungeons & Dragons Players Show Off The Most Epic Game Rooms on TikTok

These DnD players aren't messing around—secret bookcase doors, giant wood and glass tables, and bones, lots of decorative bones.
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A Bunch Of Implausible Yet Adorable Medieval Animal Illustrations

This is art
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30 Funny Memes For History Nerds

They're a blast from the past.
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Funny video from cracked, brothers grimm, fairy tales, lol, humor, hedgehog, medieval

An Illustrated Look at a Deranged Fairy Tale About A Half-Hedgehog Jerk Bagpiper

Yes, you read that right.
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Funny medieval memes | The Garden of Death dead inside but at least planet's pretty  | king getting stabbed Really, dude? Really?

Medieval Memes From The Bleak Days Of The Middle Ages

That art was something else.
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Funny meme about wanting to live in the past, but the past sucks, medieval art, spear in a guys butt
Via u/thebelsnickle1991
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