Yummmm meat. Smoked, cured, dried, aged, and fresh. You didn't come here for the animal activism, you came here for steak, burgers, ribs, and everything in between. Not stopping here would be a terrible missed steak. 

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People Discuss The Ingredients That Ruin a Sandwich

Choosing the right ingredients for a sandwich is essential, and even when you do everything right, your sandwich can still end up gross. I've made many questionable sandwich-topping choices throughout my life, and I'm at peace with that. I spent at least a calendar year ordering burgers with only pickles and onions on them; I can only imagine what my breath smelled like during that year. I also regularly got black olives on my sandwich when I went to Subway, and let's just say I wouldn't make t…
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Carnivorous Influencer Liver King Gets Busted for Using Steroids

The raw organs are a lie
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Legend Makes Twitter History Eating a Whole Rotisserie Chicken Daily for 40 Days

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A compilation of tweets responding to the COO of Beyond Meat biting a guys nose

Beyond Meat Executive Aggressively Bites A Man's Nose, Sparking Hilarious Memes

Imitation meat can really get you down. I enjoy a good veggie or black bean burger every once and a while, but a large part of that is because veggie burgers know what they are. They know they aren't meat, and they aren't pretending to be meat. The same cannot be said for imitation meat company Beyond Meat . They know they are phonies in more ways than one. While leaving the Arkansas Razorbacks stadium, top Beyond Meat Executive Doug Ramsey got into a fight with a Subaru driver. The fight culmi…
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A video about crazy vegans mourning Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Crazy Vegans Mourn Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Vegan protesters are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Throwing red paint on your enemies might not convince people to get on your side, but it will certainly catch your attention. Many vegan activists have been criticized for their one-dimensional and erratic views on other people's diets. How vegans protest seems specially designed to make others angry. They see no gray area for why someone might not be able to have a plant-based diet. Many vegans are foolish enough to think that veg…
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A compilation of food images that are both gross and deeply compelling.

Disgusting Foods From Disturbed Culinary Minds

The 1950s was the golden age of the Jell-O mold . Homemakers regularly put their leftover fruits, vegetables, and even cheeses into a monstrosity of gelatin. This culinary trend sparks a lot of unanswered questions. What secrets were they hiding in there? Who decided this was a good idea? Was Jell-O the symbol of the repressed female rage that lived inside every 1950s housewife? Throughout the past few decades, foods have gotten even crazier than lime Jell-O with cottage cheese. With newfangled…
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Article about a TikTok user who investigates whether Minions are kosher meat.

TikToker Investigates Whether Minion Meat Is Kosher

Since the release of Minions: The Rise of Gru the titular yellow monsters have been on our minds more than usual. Minions have a deep and exciting culture explored throughout the Despicable Me and Minion Movie franchises. Minions are largely unrecognizable from any other earthly animal, which brings up a question that is both hilarious and macabre: could a person eat a minion? Now, this is not a new question. For years, people have been curious about the ethics and practicalities of gobbling up…
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Cool video shows a man making a movable piano that is also a grill, grilled meat, china, chinese

Feast Your Eyes On the World's First Piano-Grillmobile

You read that right.
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Funny stories of a frustrated butcher's experiences with entitled customers | facebook post BS Butcher Stories lost everything during storm. Customer guys really should have better plan place. Like having someone work during storm logic is if someone got hurt during storm would be worse than losing some product Customer Eye roll guess

Amused Butcher Shares His Most Frustrating Customer Stories

We feel for him.
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Funny memes and tweets from the Slim Jim Instagram account | Person - B slimjim ALIEN GANG Jim after airdropping long boi memes about clapping thicc alien cheeks everyone on line at gas station Liked by tindervsreality and 44,418 others slimjim making difference SOON View all 816 comments dr doofnsmurtz Is this actual slim Jim page or meme acC slimjim @dr_doofns_nigga yes 6 days ago

'Slim Jim' Is Winning The Internet With Its Impeccable Instagram Game

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Text message conversation about a vegan who gets angry at a non-vegan for liking tofu

Crazy Vegan Accuses Meat-Eater Of 'Cultural Appropriation' For Liking Tofu

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'Asian Ron Swanson' Twitter Thread Is A Wildly Entertaining Father's Day Tribute

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Oh, Okay

Someone says 'Hi' and the second person goes off into a rant about how the Keto diet is the best diet in the entire world and will solve virtually all of your problems
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23 Random Memes & Tweets To Distract You From The Struggle

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Just Studying, Mom!

Funny meme about alt tabs
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Cats Prefer Loops, Brother

Funny meme about a cat with meat.
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