Yummmm meat. Smoked, cured, dried, aged, and fresh. You didn't come here for the animal activism, you came here for steak, burgers, ribs, and everything in between. Not stopping here would be a terrible missed steak. 

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Meat Eating Mom Splits Opinion by Feeding Baby Barely Cooked Steak

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Raw Meat Dieter Gets Roasted for Boasting About "Elite Dinner" on Twitter

"Eating like a fancy Pitbull"
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Pranking Husband Gets Reprimanded After Secretly Using Beef Fat for Vegetarian Wife's Fries

Not cool
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25 Vegetarian Food Memes for Plant-Based Food Lovers

Being a vegetarian isn't easy. You must make appropriate changes to your everyday consumption with any dietary restrictions. In the case of vegetarianism , it means no meat. That's stating the obvious, but until you've stepped into the shoes of a vegetarian, it's difficult to fully realize how limiting that can be. Meat is the norm in so many cultures. With American food, it's near impossible to avoid. Imagine going to a restaurant, perusing the wide variety of the menu, and then realizing you'…
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Hot Dog Memes That Aren't Boiled

Summer is officially here, and you know what that means? It's time to chow down on a hot dog at a 4th of July barbeque. Every American city has a very different idea of what a hot dog should be. I'm mostly talking about New York and Chicago because those cities will let you know when you're eating a hot dog wrong. Chicago citizens, particularly, hate it when you put ketchup on your hot dog. They see it as an insult to their city, culture, and way of life. There is a terrifying statue of a menac…
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'There was more vape than steak': Twitter Users Roast Disappointing $100 'Best Steak in the World'

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People Debate The Cleanliness of Washing Meat

Not that kind
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Food Memes To Quell The Hunger

It's eating time
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Food Memes For Foodies

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Carnivorous Man Shares Recipe for 'Sink Steak', Horrifies the Internet

Just why
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A compilation of memes about food and eating

Food Memes That Are Both Silly and Succulent

Do y'all remember when the concept of bacon was the biggest meme in the world? 2012 was truly a time to be alive: A time when memes were so simple that a popular food could dominate the landscape of popular memes for over a year. Now don't get me wrong, I like bacon. It's the only meat that I would miss if I followed the dietary restrictions put forth by the Old Testament. That being said, even as a meme-obsessed teen, I found the bacon thing to be a bit much. The bacon meme extended far beyond…
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People Discuss The Ingredients That Ruin a Sandwich

Choosing the right ingredients for a sandwich is essential, and even when you do everything right, your sandwich can still end up gross. I've made many questionable sandwich-topping choices throughout my life, and I'm at peace with that. I spent at least a calendar year ordering burgers with only pickles and onions on them; I can only imagine what my breath smelled like during that year. I also regularly got black olives on my sandwich when I went to Subway, and let's just say I wouldn't make t…
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Carnivorous Influencer Liver King Gets Busted for Using Steroids

The raw organs are a lie
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Legend Makes Twitter History Eating a Whole Rotisserie Chicken Daily for 40 Days

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A compilation of tweets responding to the COO of Beyond Meat biting a guys nose

Beyond Meat Executive Aggressively Bites A Man's Nose, Sparking Hilarious Memes

Imitation meat can really get you down. I enjoy a good veggie or black bean burger every once and a while, but a large part of that is because veggie burgers know what they are. They know they aren't meat, and they aren't pretending to be meat. The same cannot be said for imitation meat company Beyond Meat . They know they are phonies in more ways than one. While leaving the Arkansas Razorbacks stadium, top Beyond Meat Executive Doug Ramsey got into a fight with a Subaru driver. The fight culmi…
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A video about crazy vegans mourning Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Crazy Vegans Mourn Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Vegan protesters are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Throwing red paint on your enemies might not convince people to get on your side, but it will certainly catch your attention. Many vegan activists have been criticized for their one-dimensional and erratic views on other people's diets. How vegans protest seems specially designed to make others angry. They see no gray area for why someone might not be able to have a plant-based diet. Many vegans are foolish enough to think that veg…
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