What a Scandalous Selfie!

me misinterpretation literalism picture topless - 7101954048
By Unknown

Call it a Mewtiny

cat out me similar sounding Pirate meow - 7078227712
By Unknown

Such Perfect Form

pushups statue me broken - 6674596352
By Unknown

Dat Elijah

elijah wood frodo me - 6544120576
By cameldance (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

The Early Sword Gets the Worm

apple gifs goals life me Memes worm - 6485872640
By GalderGollum

And I Thought My Catnip Smuggling Ring Was Gonna Be the Purrfect Crime!

Hall of Fame kitten letter me meme meow out similar sounding t - 6363150080
By Dan21

WHY (Not) ME!?

facebook forever alone me relationship - 6260760064
By Unknown

You Do the Math

grades life math me men and women Rage Comics school - 6255286528
By barit1

First Is the Worst

me Memes the s word ugh - 6202589952
By Unknown

A Helpful Reminder for Keeping Your Calendar 'N Sync

calendar Hall of Fame Justin Timberlake literalism may me n sync similar sounding song - 5986328320
Via kle0patra

He's a Pretty Rough and Tumble Dude

chamillionaire hating lyrics me meme rolling see - 5873943552
By Kraken42

Y U No Guy's Identity Crisis

me Y U No Guy - 5839444224
See all captions By Fabulous_Fabs

This Cup Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

cant club cup handle lyric me mug now right similar sounding slogan song - 5753996544

Ace of Basic Bird Classification

again here literalism look lyrics me on similar sounding song standing - 5426026752
By Smirre

Paranoid Penguin

me Memes Paranoid Parrot socially awkward penguin - 5399627008
See all captions By Unknown

Who doesn't love cookies?

ancient aliens cookies jar me no who - 5394197248
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