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Nightmarish Mascots for Halifax Oyster Festival Prompt Horror & Jokes

They have so many eyes...
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Hello Kitty Fan Cuts In Front of Parent and Child at Meet and Greet, Expects Them to Take Her Photo

Say cheese
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dancing mascot Video - 80987137

Mascot Battle of the Century

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mascot dance Video - 78744065

Other Fast Food Drive Thru Lines Need to Step Up Their Entertainment Game

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mascot list stuck - 742917

12 Giant Mascots Who Just Don't Fit

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Worst Mascot Ever

mascot - 8545155328
Created by jyonasan1957

Eddie Bomb

street mascot - 6711166720
Created by Adam Sarego

Saddest Thing Ever

depressing funny mascot - 8226097920
Created by Unknown

The New Cubs Mascot Totally Looks Like Poochie from The Simpsons

mascot totally looks like simpsons - 8010758912
Created by Unknown

Baseball Player Photobombs Onion

photobomb mascot funny - 7740704768
Via photographyandcoffee

This Will Haunt My Dreams

gif photobomb news funny mascot oregon ducks - 7734575360
Via cnbc

Usually It's the Mascot Who's Trying to Hog the Spotlight

photobomb mascot funny - 7608166912
Via lifeontheborderline1

What's Mascot Stuff?

mascot wtf - 7018833920
Created by geha714

Nacho Average Fight

yikes mascot wtf gifs nachos fight - 6961962752
Created by Unknown

Mascot Falls Off ATV

atv FAIL fall gifs mascot - 6431267584
Created by _C_A_T_
animal mascot Remi Gaillard Video - 39523585

Art of Trolling: Your Wife Wasn't Kidding About the Giant Rat in the Garbage

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