Is that Thor's hammer or are you just ecstatic to see Marvel memes again? Whatever the case, you'll get your fair share of Marvel puns jokes and remixes that will have you chuckling the day away. So grab your Vibranium shield and your Iron Man suit and get ready to dive in.

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25+ Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (September 8, 2023)

Avengers, assemble!
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25+ Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (August 18, 2023)

Happy Friday, Marvel mavens and superhero sycophants! It's once again that special, special time of the week when we cap things off with a healthy slew of comic book hero memes. It's a weird feeling to have been witness to the beginnings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. First, it makes me feel my age. “Iron Man” came out 15 years ago. I vividly recall the day that I went to see it in theaters. See, at that point, superhero mania wasn't really a thing. Sure, you had huge blockbusters like the S…
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25 Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends

Happy Friday Avengers aficionados and Superhero fanatics! It's that time of the week again when we give you your fill of the mightiest and most astonishing Marvel-related funnies that the internet has to offer. Time to discuss some Marvel. It's getting more than tiring talking about Marvel's “Secret Invasion.” Looking at the most recent MCU meme offering, it seems people won't stop dunking on it. This is a bit peculiar seeing as how quickly fan bases forget about things just to move on to the n…
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26 Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Loving Fiends (August 3, 2023)

Marvelous memes
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20+ Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Loving Fiends (July 28, 2023)

Happy Friday, marvelous superhero fans! It's once again that beautiful, final day of the work week before some well-needed time off. While you're almost at the finish line, a little bit of humorous motivation might be necessary. Like every other week, we've got just the thing for you Marvel fans. While there's not much need to discuss something we were already surely predicting, the final episode of “Secret Invasion” recently aired on Disney Plus. Unfortunately, it was the stinker we were expec…
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20+ Hilarious Batman Memes for Dark Knight Enthusiasts

Happy Tuesday, denizens of Gotham! We're here to deliver to you some jokes that are genuine jokes. None of that Joker nonsense, really. We're just here to give you top-of-the-line caped crusader comedy content! If you're even a little bit hip to superhero-based media , you know that two franchises dominate the genre in terms of popularity. That would be Spider-Man and Batman. Whether you're partial to one or the other, you've got to admit that the people just love them the most. They dominate e…
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30 Hilarious Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (July 20, 2023)

Happy Friday, Marvel Enthusiasts! It's that time of the week when we celebrate that sweet day before the weekend with a magnificently curated catalog of hilarious Marvel Cinematic Universe memes . This doesn't feel great to admit, but it's time to finally come to terms with an unfortunate fact: the “Secret Invasion” series on Disney Plus has been completely and utterly disappointing. There's still one more episode left, but it has been quite the stinker as of now. Unless the conclusion is absol…
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25 Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (July 10, 2023)

Happy Monday, Marvel fanatics! We're back this week with another marvelous batch of MCU memes . Once again, not a ton of Marvel news to talk about. “Secret Invasion” is still chugging along on Disney Plus. Unfortunately, it seems it's only becoming more and more disappointing. Marvel hit a home run with the series trailer, but boy these episodes aren't incredible. I'll continue to hope that it gets better, but with each consecutive week, that seems like less and less of a reality. But there is…
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MCU-fandom barbie-twitter marvel funny-fandom Twitter Thread Barbie oppenheimer funny-barbie marvel cinematic universe barbie-tweets barbie-fandom funny tweets mcu - 21346309

'Ok fake fan': Woman on Twitter suggest treating 'Barbie' fandom like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hilarity ensues

"You haven't seen 'Barbie Nutcracker'? You don't know BIBBLE??? Ok fake fan."
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Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (July 3, 2023)

Happy Monday, Marvel Cinematic Universe fanatics! We're back once again for your weekly dose of Marvel gaffs and superhero memes. It hasn't been a very eventful week in terms of Marvel news. That's not particularly interesting, but sometimes no news is good news, right? The new “Secret Invasion” Disney Plus series is… continuing, I guess. The first two episodes haven't shown us anything particularly impactful or interesting. I'm still holding out hope for a bump in quality. There's a lot that M…
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Marvel Memes for Superhero Fiends (June 26, 2023)

Happy Monday Marvel fans and superhero heads. It’s that special time of the week when we spend a minute discussing the MCU and indulging in its memes. This week has been somewhat notable considering the premiere of Disney Plus’ “Secret Invasion,” the newest show in the Marvels line of streaming service television shows. After watching it, I’d probably rate it as highly average. That’s not necessarily bad, but a premiere with more excitement would have been preferable when you consider the recen…
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Web-Slinging Memes for Spider-Man Enthusiasts

Hey there Spiderman consumers! It’s an incredible time to be a fan of the webslinger. The past years have given us so much quality Spiderman content that it’s hard to keep up. So let’s talk about it! Just this month we got what, in my opinion, is the greatest Spiderman movie of all time, Across the Spider-Verse. We also got a nice extended gameplay featurette for the long-awaited sequel to the amazing 2018 Spider-Man game. October can’t come soon enough. And then on top of all that, we just got…
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marvel comics movies fox x men x men memes cartoons mutants x-men first class - 21041925

X-Men Memes For Fans of the Movies, Cartoons and Comics

What up, nerds? We feature a lot of memes about the latest Marvel movies , Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. Today, we're going in a different direction, and celebrating the wild world of X-Men. The first Fox film that brought the X-Men to life on the big screen was released in 2000, when I was 12 years old. It made a huge impression on me, and I saw it three times in theaters. From Hugh Jackman's portrayal of the fierce yet tormented Wolverine to Patrick Stewart's performance as the…
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An Avengers-Sized Collection of Marvel Memes

Our beloved Stan Lee transcended the status of merely being an individual who crafted comic narratives. He represents a beacon of pop culture continuity that continually draws a substantial segment of American populace to the cinematic establishments. The Marvel franchise stands tall as one of the titanic forces within the superhero cinema universe, challenging anyone to not be able to identify at least one of their illustrious characters (provided they don't violate the unpardonable offense of…
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30 Marvel Movie Memes For MCU Maniacs

This weekend at the 95th Academy Awards, a robbery took place. Angela Bassett did not win Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever . She is the first actor to be nominated for an Oscar for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and she deserved it! She should've become the first actor to win an Oscar for an MCU role, but as we know, that did not happen. Instead, Jamie Lee Curtis won a legacy award. Whoopee. It's wild that Black Panther movies are the only…
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Twitter Users Discuss the Fictional Characters Who Have Suffered the Most

The world of fiction isn't always a kind one. Sure, there are fantastical tales of love, success, and maybe even magic. But there are also some really screwed-up fictional universes, in which suffering is more common than merely existing. I, for one, didn't understand how anyone could even play pretend without inflicting a world of pain on any of the characters. People were dying in my world, sometimes worse. And you can bet your bottom dollar that orphans were more plentiful than kids with lov…
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