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The Mario Kart 8 PC Port is Getting There

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How to Win a Mario Kart 8 Race in Style

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The Unluckiest Mario Kart 8 Player Ever

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First World Mario Kart Problems

Mario Kart mario kart 8 First World Problems - 8208652544
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2 Mario 2 Kart

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Created by R Smith
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Today Marks the One-Year Anniversary of Mario Kart 8

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BRB, Maining Rosalina Forever


Not This Time, Blue Shell

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Wait for It...

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40 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Video Game Logic

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Serious Talk

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If Mario Kart 8 Was Made for the SNES

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blue shell mario kart 8 blue shells Video - 70512385

Trapping Racers With a Blue Shell Trap Just Isn't Fair

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Back to the Future Meets Mario Kart

Mario Kart mario kart 8 t shirts - 8242568704
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Buckle Up! The Second DLC Pack for Mario Kart 8 is Coming on April 23

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