mario kart 8

Shy Guys Never Look at Explosions

gifs mario kart 8 shy guy - 8209205248
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The New Gladiators

Fan Art mario kart 8 - 8212299008
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If You Could Read You Might Have Posted This Correctly

wii U you had one job mario kart 8 Walmart - 8212224256
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The Super Horn is Super Awesome

super horn companion cube mario kart 8 - 8211236864
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Luigi's Going Turbo!

mario kart 8 wreck it ralph luigi - 8209919488
By LJPhil (Via flyingpochama948)

Prepare to Place Somewhere in the Middle

mario kart 8 dark souls video games nintendo - 8210167808
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Mario Kart Strategy Logic

mario kart 8 video game logic - 8210214912
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Something Tells Me This Isn't What Nintendo Nintended With Mario Kart 8

luigi death stare mario kart 8 luigi video games nintendo - 8211074560
mario kart 8 daisy luigi video games Video nintendo luigi death stare - 61416961

Luigi Loves That Sweet, Sweet Karma

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Get Out of My Way, Baby

gifs mario kart 8 bowser - 8208307712
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mario kart 8 luigi Video - 61381889

Score One for the Good Guys

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parody mario kart 8 Gravity Video - 61409025

In Space You Can't See the Blue Shell Coming...

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Mario Kart Problems

mario kart 8 First World Problems - 8209074944

Badass Luigi

gifs mario kart 8 luigi - 8208544512
By Travis_Touchdown

Mario's Getting a Mercedes

mario kart 8 nintendo Video Game Coverage - 8204653312
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Mario Kart 8's Newest Weapon Item

gifs weapons mario kart 8 - 8203394048
By powergannon