TikTokers Perfectly Sum Up Gen-Z as Managers in Hilarious Viral Videos

TikTokers Perfectly Sum Up Gen-Z as Managers in Hilarious Viral Videos

Boomers take the dictator managing approach; Millennials take the people pleaser approach; Gen-Z takes the zero-f*cks-given approach.
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Funny text message exchange between dude and his boss, bad boss, independent contractor

Independent Contractor Shares the Joys of Saying 'No' to Uptight Managers

Nothing but respect for this guy
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Employee Maliciously Complies with Boss' Absurd Productivity Metric

Many working from home have clever methods to keep them from appearing 'idle'
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35 Bleakly Relatable Work Memes For 9-5 Warriors

This one's dedicated to the overworked and underpaid
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Painfully Relatable Work Memes for Everyone on the Grind

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Funny memes about working in a restaurant | man in formal wear standing in front of mirror that reflects his back revealing he's wearing lingerie. say front customers say the kitchen. girl biting her lip: waitress has tell Chef they messed up and order and need on fly

20+ Server Memes For Anyone Who's Been in the Weeds

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Evil mean signs from management, unreasonable, abusive, dehumanizing, bad bosses, crying at work

Dumb & Deranged Signs From Bad Managers

Work can be a rewarding experience. Creating something, providing a service, or teaching can all be gratifying experiences in the right conditions. But too often our efforts are minimized by managers, demands are constantly increased, and they neglect to treat their employees with respect. Lately we've been hearing a lot about managers who refuse to allow days off, or expect people to hurt themselves for reasons that hardly even benefit the business. These dehumanizing attitudes and tyrannical…
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Funny Memes & Tweets Of Varying Degrees Of Freshness

A little bit of everything.
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Caption that reads, "It was at this point when the Walmart manager toyed with the idea of maybe opening up another checkout line" above a pic of people standing in a very long line
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A Timeless Tale

Funny meme about work, jobs, managers.
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