Everything Is Not Okay

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "The opening sentence of all my phone conversations for the past two months" above a still of someone saying, "Um, is everything ok? I mean, other than, you know, everything?"
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Twitter meme, can't wait to walk down the aisle, quarantine, lockdown, funny tweets | rozhan @stylebyrxg can't wait walk down aisle 6:08 PM 5/2/20 Twitter iPhone aisle between seats on an airplane | melody @JIBBITZ can't wait walk down aisle EMPLOYE ONLY 10:28 PM 5/3/20 Twitter iPhone clothes racks in a shopping store

'Can't Wait To Walk Down The Aisle' Meme Is All About What We're Gonna Do After Lockdown

Brace yourself, Sephora.
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Twitter thread investigates spanish flu, anti-mask league, importance of wearing masks | Tim Mak @timkmak THREAD History doesn't repeat itself, but rhymes thread about Anti-Mask League 1919 not kiddingI went HAM researching this So, starting Sept 2018 San Francisco suffered Spanish Flu pandemic. Initial mask wearing good around 80 percent | By November cases were down, and public health officials recommended re-opening city. Residents rushed entertainment venues after having been denied this com

History-Packed Twitter Thread Uses Spanish Flu Missteps To Highlight Importance Of Masks

Wear a mask, people.
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Funny tweet about how people are going to say "i havent seen you in years" on january 1 2021 and it will be true.
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Great Book

Funny photoshopped book cover, alexander and the no good very bad day | Alexander and the Day That Blended Into Every Other Day Like Some Kafkaesque Nightmare with No Merciful End in Sight
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Funny tweets, twitter memes, twitter jokes, quarantine, relatable | Buffalo Jill @Buffalojil headline should CLEARLY be "Kim Jong: ill Come on journalists, don't make do job 12:02 PM 4/21/20 Twitter Android

Fresh Tweets To Help You Procrastinate

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Funny meme about quarantine water parks | what if the government wants us inside because they're going to surprise us with a new water park
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Funny memes about coronavirus, coronavirus memes, dank memes, stupid memes, dr. fauci, donald trump, lockdown memes, quarantine memes | Government follow these steps apply assistance steps: frozen staircase | Trump says literally anything about coronavirus Dr. Anthony Fauci two seconds later: Everything guy just said is bullshit.

Thirty Memes To Take Into The Corona-pocalypse

Get ready for some relatable quarantine content.
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Funny tweets about tater tot waffles for while in quarantine for coronavirus COVID-19 | Ada Powers @mspowahs get on lockdown trying do lot with little s hard find joy midst fear, depression, and austerity s why 's time learn about totwaffles thread Ore lda GOLDEN TATER TOTS | Totwaffles are special they are among elite order foods which sound almost, but not quite, like colloquial anatomical vulgarism. This alone may be nourishment dark times are encouraged lean into this fact as much as feels

Quarantined Twitter User Shares Brilliant Recipe For 'Totwaffles'

Lockdown is a bummber.
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Funny dank memes about kids staying home from school due to coronavirus | world: bikini bottom burning Schools: animals using front facing cameras | tf2 soldier smiling boosting my microphone and eating chips class group call u/heller

Eighteen Dank Memes About School During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Unfortunately, you do still have to take classes.
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