Dank memes, funny memes, warhammer 40k memes, stupid memes | Injured guardswoman threatens Slaaneshi Daemonette after field hospital is overrun (Circa 056.M42) STAY BACK, SLUT. April Parks and Recreation holding knife | Slaanesh Emperor Enjoying Eldar booty Naruto handshake

Warhammer 40k Memes For Those In The Know

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Zucc Has The Right Idea

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: ... Me during Zoom video calls: ..." above a photo of Mark Zuckerberg in trial wearing Crocs
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Fresh and relatable twitter gems, funny tweets | Emma Pettit @EmmaJanePettit Boyfriend is sitting by his computer eating sausage with Wikipedia opened page "Sausage 10:18 AM 6/26/20 Twitter iPhone

Fresh & Relatable Tweets That Just Hit Right

Quality scrolling.
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You Just Look Dumb

Funny meme that reads, "People wearing masks without covering their nose" above an image of Plankton wearing glasses that don't go over his eyes
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Dat Quarantine Life

Funny meme about having to send one email for the whole day | tiny kitten struggling with weights the one email I have to send today
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Funny memes from the movie 'They Live' showing actor Roddy Piper puts on a pair of sunglasses that lets him see through lies | CHASE BLACK LIVES MATTER PLEASE DON'T BURN DOWN OUR BANKS | SOCIAL DISTANCING COMMUNISM have willed myself into thinking temporary Inconvenience is oppression and conspiracy strip my rights because have no idea real oppression is like.

'They Live' Memes Are All About Seeing Straight Through Lies

An updated version of the Peter Parker glasses meme!
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Funny random tweets | drake gatsby @DrakeGatsby made some mediocre eggs Benedict and drank watered down screwdriver and then lit $120 on fire but wasn't same, man miss brunch 7:27 AM 6/14/20 Twitter iPhone

Thirty-Eight Fresh Tweets For People With Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet humor is just what we need right now!
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Funny memes about friendship | dried up mummy My friend ok bro after watching 3hr movie frame by frame looking meme templates: | and everyone who l'm friends with bonded through sin. two kids looking inside a fridge

Fifteen Friendship Memes For People Who Miss Their Homies

Tested positive for missing the homies.
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Funny memes about summer | Nemo fish escape to the ocean in plastic bags Summer 2020 with squad @thenewsclan | God adding 85 degree weather Pandemic season COMFORT

Fifteen Summer Memes To Taunt People Who Miss Going Outside

Might as well look at memes since we can't go to the beach?
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Those Were The Days

Funny meme that reads, "Old photo of people eating at a crowded restaurant, 2019 B.C. (Before Corona)" above a black-and-white photo of people in a restaurant
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Funny and relatable tweets from lockdown | Cydni Beer @cydbeer "Quarantine has brought us closer together than ever been before My Thighs

Fresh Tweets That Reflect These Crazy Times

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Funny video of a guy dressed up as the Grim Reaper protesting the Florida beaches reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Guy Dressed As Grim Reaper Goes On National TV To Protest Florida Beaches Reopening

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Funny tweet that reads, "This shutdown saga is exposing who's never been told 'no' in their life"
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Funny random tweets, relatable tweets, cute tweets, twitter gems, dating, relationships, lockdown, quarantine | drake gatsby @DrakeGatsby Having vasectomy is just real life version putting Sims pool and deleting ladder 7:45 PM 5/11/20 Twitter iPhone

Fresh Twitter Gems To Amuse The Masses

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Funny memes and tweets, twitter memes | keith @KeetPotato anyone who ever thinks themselves "this won't work, this is terrible idea" remember milk comes cardboard boxes

Short & Sweet Tweets For Your Bored Noggins

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quarantine memes, lockdown memes, funny memes | Keanu Reeves Normal people going crazy being stuck inside all day numberlbrazilian Welcome my world shark, solitude is my ocean, Xand most don't even know swim. | world currently: Let out Jadufwalin numberlbrazilian LET O0OOUUUUTTTT Eric Andre show

Quarantine Memes For The Bored People In The Struggle

Next level boredom.
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