Turn a light on, it's dark in here. Keep your day going with the flow with these airy light jokes and puns that will have you uplifted and feeling good.

Too Flashy

Awkward head light Omegle - 5125779200
Created by thewisewon

Follow the light

animation blondes dogs family guy gifs light - 5092606464
Created by ghost9

Can't Tell If From a Buick 8 or Death Proof

car driving fry light motorcycle - 5043052800
See all captions Created by snookers0101

Invisible Soldiers of Misfortune and Blood Loss

dark light mosquitos Rage Comics sleeping - 5027635712
Created by Unknown

I Feel So Guilty. Never Again.

IRL light switch - 4887584768
Created by koaieus ( Via )

Did You Pay the Light Bill?

bible IRL light switch - 4875113728
Via I Raff I Ruse

I Will End You, Drunk Texter

bleeding bright eyes light pain Rage Comics text - 4834078720
Created by kingdomhearts800

Turn Off Windows, Turn On Windows

computers light Rage Comics RAPTURE windows - 4781538048
Created by Unknown

I Tend to Prefer IPAs, But...

beer bulb figure of speech light lightbulb literalism - 4690684160
Created by Batcommander

Rasta Prof: You're Projecting

class film light Rasta Prof - 4668859904
See all captions Created by hamsterStan

Philosoraptor: What You See Is What You Get

color light mirror philosoraptor reflection - 4654663680
See all captions Created by Unknown


car comic door light literalism rage Rage Comics warning - 4648711680
Created by Unknown

They Wake to the Sound of a Pin Dropping

dogs double meaning light literalism sleeping - 4612301312
Created by SpikeDawg


bulb double meaning light lightbulb literalism switch - 4604654848
Created by Cahootie


dark helen keller light wtf - 4548107008
See all captions Created by justusmylove

A Bright Response

heavy light opposites wisdom Yahoo Answer Fails - 4462910464
Created by Unknown