Turn a light on, it's dark in here. Keep your day going with the flow with these airy light jokes and puns that will have you uplifted and feeling good.

Better to Keep Your Mouth Shut and Appear Dumb

dumb light science sound - 6350621440
Created by Unknown

Come on Baby Light My Fire

light Memes moth - 6280320512
Created by jobeysanchez

The Ignore Light

ignore light Okay stop light traffic - 6137371904
Created by Unknown

Nomad Motorcycle Tail Light Totally Looks Like Decepticon Logo

funny light TLL - 6099457536
Created by barenakeddoggies

Dropping the Science: And Then They Remove All Doubt

light Memes physics sound speed wtf - 5871286528

The Customer is Always Trolled

light restroom service switch troll face - 5928665088
Created by cammypalin

And Blinds Are Too Expensive!

blinds First World Problems glare light television - 5903062016
Created by Unknown

Can't Tell if Blind or Just Dying

blind dying fry light man morning - 5883664896
See all captions Created by kbol217

The Pizza Is Done, I Can Hear It!

high light Memes Music pizza smell - 5878487552
Created by F_M_L

Scumbag Sun

forever light Scumbag Steve sun wake up - 5883337984
Created by Unknown

This Delights Me

lazy level light Memes package - 5847242496
Created by Unknown

First Neutrinos Faster than Light, and Now This?

fast fire light nokia phone Rage Comics speed - 5778739200


hilarious light Sexy Ladies - 5676575232
Created by xyzpdq1

Mario Light

gifs light super mario brothers want win - 5676969728
Created by Unknown

Philosoraptor: A Sparkly Death

light moon philosoraptor sunlight vampires - 5670950144
See all captions Created by FrostBiteRox

It's When They Go Out That You're in Trouble

ghosts light Pie Chart trouble - 5508437248
Created by T-BONE120692