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Satisfying Times Liars Were Called Out For Their Shameless BS

The internet is full of liars
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Twitter Cracks Pre-April Fools Jokes Before The Big Day Of Trickery

It's fool or get fooled
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Surreal Memes | tweet by Behind Scenes @MakingOfs Green ninjas help shampoo and hair dye commercial actresses do their hair swing. pic of alligators standing on the bottom of a lake with their noses above water: Alligators don't swim

Surreal Memes And Pics To Remind You That Everything Is A Lie

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Not Cool

Funny meme about an older brother giving a younger brother a dead X-Box controller | man looking with resentment at another man playing acoustic guitar
Via tehtariksghost

Lies I Tell Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Shh baby...I'm not gonna treat you like the others" above a photo of three phones with cracked screens next to a new phone without a cracked screen
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Funny dank memes about people who claim they have a girlfriend who "goes to another school" |  Kids have crushes Men have girlfriends but shes another school so u dont know her. finally meet my friends girlfriend another school Ahh see man as well

'She Goes To Another School' Memes Mock That One Middle School Friend

"You wouldn't know her, she goes to another school."
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It's That Time Of Year Again

Funny tweet about a guy who originally promised to never lie to his kids, only to later determine that it is okay to tell little white lies sometimes
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Funny video of a woman who tells a story by first prefacing with "long story short"

Amusing Video Calls Out Liars Who Say 'Long Story Short'

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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Putting on Clown Makeup' | Person - "Yea sure l'll not count as overtime anything say boss s ok because one day be boss don't deserve 15$ an hour work doing anyways Poors who complain need just work harder | Person - "Felt cute might delete later Thoughts and prayers Instagram does not have permission sell or use my photos or conversations

'Putting On Clown Makeup' Memes Are Blowin' Up On The Internet

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I Went Unconscious And Now Here I Am!

Funny meme about faking an accident that happens at work
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Holy Crap

Funny tweet about how no one has ever actually heard the real 'Monster Mash' but rather a recording about it
Via Tackygod
Funny pictures where liars got called out

26 Times Liars Were Tattled On, Proving That Nothing Is Real

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Twitter thread about a teen couple that claim they bought a house

Teen Couple Claim They Bought A House And Twitter Doesn't Buy It For One Second

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Funny Twitter meme calling out Rick Ross for lying
Via NinkiFirstOfHerName
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14 Times Impressive Liars Got Away With Their Incredible BS

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Funny tweets from white people twitter, beer, craft beer, IPA, pumpkin spice latte, kids, lying about kids.

21 Sparkling Gems From White People Twitter

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