Holy Crap

Funny tweet about how no one has ever actually heard the real 'Monster Mash' but rather a recording about it
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Funny pictures where liars got called out

26 Times Liars Were Tattled On, Proving That Nothing Is Real

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Twitter thread about a teen couple that claim they bought a house

Teen Couple Claim They Bought A House And Twitter Doesn't Buy It For One Second

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Funny Twitter meme calling out Rick Ross for lying
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twitter school liar kids lies lying parenting gullible funny tweets parents - 8444421

14 Times Impressive Liars Got Away With Their Incredible BS

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Funny tweets from white people twitter, beer, craft beer, IPA, pumpkin spice latte, kids, lying about kids.

21 Sparkling Gems From White People Twitter

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dog vs werewolf memes

14 'Dog Vs. Werewolf' Memes That Symbolize The Transformations We All Undergo

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U Serious

Caption that reads, "When you see your ex post something about loyalty and trust" above a Sully action figure from Monsters Inc. looking disbelieving
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Text that reads, "My whole childhood I thought it was illegal to turn on a light in a car while driving"
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Funny Twitter thread about outrageous lies for personal gain.

People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Wildest Self-Serving Lies And They're Hilarious

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I Ain't No Liar

Text conversation where someone asks what the other person is doing, person replies that they're signing some paperwork; person 1 pulls up a GPS of person 2 appearing to be underwater off of a coast, and person 2 replies with a pic of them underwater and signing some paperwork
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That Was A Lie

Caption that reads, "Boss: It's great to be back to work today; Me: ..." above a still of Luke Skywalker saying, "Amazing. Every word of what you've just said is wrong"
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old man lies tv shows funny memes trending memes reality tv pawn stars - 7466501

This Trending 'Pawn Stars' Meme Is All About Feeling Deceived

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The Gift Of Lies

Funny meme about bully apologies.
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Funny icarly memes, whatcha got there, lord of the rings, miranda cosgrove, frodo baggins, elijah wood, ian mckellen.

These Trending 'iCarly' Memes Are About Our Pathetic Attempts At Deception

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Tweet that reads, "Don't date guys from the internet. The last guy said he lived in a gated community. Prison, he meant prison"
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