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Outlandish Lies From Overconfident Deceivers

Londoner Joel Golby is fascinated with a very specific concept. He believes there is a kind of “character” who plagues small towns. And the character in question is a pathological liar. While I didn't grow up in a small town, it can definitely be alarming to witness people confidently flaunt untruths. There was the girl in my elementary school who announced that she went on a date with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over summer vacation. And, of course, I cannot forget the kid who was pen pals with The…
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Lying liars getting called out

Satisfying Times People Were Called Out For Their Blatant Lies

Despite our negative outlook and potent pessimism, there are actually things that we enjoy in this world. There's raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens. We're into bright copper kettles and warm, woolen mittens. We can really get behind brown paper packages tied up with string. But most of all, we love watching lying pieces of sh!t get called out for their bullshit. We love it when it happens to scummy lowlifes trying to trash local businesses (it's usually the owner of a competitor) as m…
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Job Applicant Applies For Fully Remote Position, Walks Out Of Interview When Employers Reveal It's Hybrid

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Funny liars on the internet

Cringey Liars and Their Very Fake Accidents

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Dumb People Getting Called Out For Being Phonies

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Elaborate Childhood Lie Inspires Hilarious Thread of People's Most Ridiculous Fibs

While it's true that lying is generally bad, it's also true that some lies are so inane, so ridiculous, and so detailed, that the entertainment factor pretty much absolves the fibber of sin. When I was a kid I would write personal essays that were filled with lies so obvious (No, I never actually worked at a tiger preserve in China) that it's a miracle I got all As. Perhaps my teachers admired my creativity, or gave me points simply because they had something entertaining to read in the teacher…
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Woman Gets Told She’s A Catfish, Cuts Accuser Down To Size

The joys of Tinder
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Woman Gets Catfished By Her Own Boss

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Adults Sheepishly Recall The Dumbest Things They Believed As Kids

The magic of childhood!
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Woman Exposes Tinder Date's Sus Bathroom Contents, Sparking Mixed Reactions

Valiant exposé or lies for clout?
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Overly Particular Posts That Are Doing A Bad Job Of Hiding Things

Up to a point, we can be anybody we want to be on social media . Sure, we might have the ever present threat of doxxing looming over our heads, but with enough canny characterization you can still live out your wildest alternative life. However, this is not the choice of most people, who instead decide to be themselves up to a fault. While they might distance themselves with certain things, they can’t help spilling the beans on minute details of their life — even when they probably shouldn’t. T…
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liars, cringe, fail, quit your bullshit, fail, bullshit, reddit, stupid people, twitter, lies, fake news, funny, memes, funny reviews | Here's paw under an X-Ray didnt know needed see this. These are x-ray's cat paws not | soldiers never owned slaves and had almost nothing do with north did not need start war slaughtered hundreds thousands teenagers US is only place ended slavery with war. Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, also ended slavery war Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.

Total Liars Who Were Called Out For Their BS

These deceivers got what they deserved
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Cringey Lies From the Attention-Seekers of the Internet

Come ON.
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Satisfying Times Liars Were Called Out For Their Shameless BS

The internet is full of liars
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Twitter Cracks Pre-April Fools Jokes Before The Big Day Of Trickery

It's fool or get fooled
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Surreal Memes | tweet by Behind Scenes @MakingOfs Green ninjas help shampoo and hair dye commercial actresses do their hair swing. pic of alligators standing on the bottom of a lake with their noses above water: Alligators don't swim

Surreal Memes And Pics To Remind You That Everything Is A Lie

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