People getting called out for their lies

Satisfying Times Blatant Liars Were Called Out For Their BS

If you go literally anywhere on the world wide web of dreams, you're almost guaranteed to stumle upon copious amounts of total bullshit , fake news, and bald-faced liars. It seems that many extremely online people simply can't help themselves and lie about the weirdest, most unnecessary stuff. Why do they do it? Does it give them satisfaction to get away with lying to faceless strangers on the internet? Or are they just trying to get the world record for Reddit upvotes by karma farming? Whateve…
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Funny liars on the internet

20+ Cringey Liars and Their Incredibly Fake Accidents

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People Discuss The Dumbest Myths We Still Somehow Believe

Did you still believe this?
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Stupid People Getting Called Out For Being Terrible Liars

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Clueless Dude Accuses Coworker of Being a 'Pathalogical Liar' After She Makes a Sarcastic Joke

I discovered sarcasm at an early age. I vividly recall discussing the definition of the word with a fellow second grader, and we determined that sarcasm was “saying something nice in a mean way.” We were pretty on the money, but Merriam-Webster describes it as follows: Sarcasm refers to the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say, especially in order to insult someone, or to show irritation, or just to be funny. Not everybody gets sarcasm. When you have a Saharan dese…
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Funny  tweets from parents about the lies they tell their children

'It is spicy': Funniest Self-Serving Lies Parents Tell Their Children

Lying is bad. At least that's what they tell you from a young age. But as controversial as it may sound, sometimes lies are necessary - even from the people who are supposed to teach kids right from wrong. You see, parenting is difficult. You've got these annoying critters hanging around 24/7, and they always seem to want things that are either bad for them or prevent you from having a good time. The thing is, they've got some pretty malleable brains. They're still learning about how the world…
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Lying liars getting called out

Satisfying Times People Were Called Out For Their Blatant Lies

Despite our negative outlook and potent pessimism, there are actually things that we enjoy in this world. There's raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens. We're into bright copper kettles and warm, woolen mittens. We can really get behind brown paper packages tied up with string. But most of all, we love watching lying pieces of sh!t get called out for their bullshit. We love it when it happens to scummy lowlifes trying to trash local businesses (it's usually the owner of a competitor) as m…
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Cringey lies from internet users

Criminally Cringey Stories That Definitely Didn't Happen

For all the reasons that we love the internet (passing the time, learning about niche subjects, things we can't mention here if we want monetization), there are just as many reasons we hate it. First of all, it's addictive - even for people that use it all day for work. But most of all, the Internet is frustrating. There's so much to be gained by the wealth of knowledge on the world wide web, as well as the incredible platforms that give voices to marginalized voices, or connect loved ones who…
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Funny stupid lies, hilarious lies, childhood

Elaborate Childhood Lie Inspires Thread of People's Most Outlandish Fibs

While it's true that lying is generally bad, it's also true that some lies are so inane, so ridiculous, and so detailed, that the entertainment factor pretty much absolves the fibber of sin. When I was a kid I would write personal essays that were filled with lies so obvious (No, I never actually worked at a tiger preserve in China) that it's a miracle I got all As. Perhaps my teachers admired my creativity, or gave me points simply because they had something entertaining to read in the teacher…
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Women Share the Wildest Lies They Were Told by Men They Dated

True audacity
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Bald-Faced Lies From Overconfident Deceivers

Londoner Joel Golby is fascinated with a very specific concept. He believes there is a kind of “character” who plagues small towns. And the character in question is a pathological liar. While I didn't grow up in a small town, it can definitely be alarming to witness people confidently flaunt untruths. There was the girl in my elementary school who announced that she went on a date with Jonathan Taylor Thomas over summer vacation. And, of course, I cannot forget the kid who was pen pals with The…
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Job Applicant Applies For Fully Remote Position, Walks Out Of Interview When Employers Reveal It's Hybrid

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Woman Gets Told She’s A Catfish, Cuts Accuser Down To Size

The joys of Tinder
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Woman Gets Catfished By Her Own Boss

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Adults Sheepishly Recall The Dumbest Things They Believed As Kids

The magic of childhood!
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Woman Exposes Tinder Date's Sus Bathroom Contents, Sparking Mixed Reactions

Valiant exposé or lies for clout?
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